Apple Watch Aluminum Vs Stainless Steel: Combat of Metals 2021

Whenever we need strength, we revert to metals. Be it window frames, aircraft bodies, or cooking utensils, metals are used for the manufacture.

Stainless steel is a more primitive form of metal alloy that has been present for a long time ago. The durability extended by stainless steel is coquetry but it adds sufficiently to the mass of the object.

On the other hand, aluminum was molded to make robust objects lightweight. Aluminum was intended to be an alternative to stainless steel but it was more of an additional substance than a replacement.

The smartwatch world uses both these renowned materials to create watch cases. The advantage of these substances is the immense strength imparted to the watch along with resistance to corrosion.

Apple Watch is the ultimate King of the smartwatch world. The branding, the looks, and the charisma of the smartwatch make it an ideal watch that people long for.

Apple utilizes both Aluminum and stainless steel to produce durable watch cases.

Today, we bring a comparison between the two types of Apple watches. As Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest from the prodigious brand, we will be comparing the Apple watch 5 Aluminum case with the Apple watch 5 stainless steel.

It is not merely a difference of case materials, rather a comparison of 2 different watches that come under the same hood.

A brief account of the differences between the two case types is given below:

Apple Watch Series 5Aluminum
Stainless steel
Color optionsSpace gray, silver, and goldGold, and space black
DisplayIon-X glassSapphire crystal glass
PriceAround 400$ and 430$/around 500$ and 530$ for GPS, GPS+cellular(40/44mm)Around 700$/under 750$/under 800$
Added featureNike+ watchNo such feature

Similarities b/w Apple Watch Aluminum and Stainless Steel

The basic framework of both watches is more or less the same.

Both watches offer:

  • 32GB of Ram
  • WatchOS 6 Operating System
  • Case sizes of 40mm and 44mm
  • The battery life of 18 hours
  • In-built GPS
  • Same medical monitoring features

It is important to know the similarities between the two amazing devices but it’s the differences that help you make a decision and not the similarities.

Differences Between Apple Watch Aluminum and Stainless Steel

1.  Design and Display

There isn’t any difference in the design of the watches. Both offer the same design but we see a difference in the case color options offered by both watches.

The Aluminum watch offers three different chromas i.e. silver, gold, and space gray while the stainless steel watch offers gold and space black colors.

There is a variety of band colors offered by the watches, however.

The design may not be a deal-breaker but the difference in the display screens can be.

Stainless steel has a sapphire crystal

The stainless steel is famous for its strength, so is the watch’s display glass. The stainless steel watch has a Sapphire crystal display glass. This glass is stronger and the endurance of this material is superior to aluminum watch.

Aluminum has Ion-X glass

The Aluminum watch provides an Ion-X glass that is softer and lesser durable as compared to the sapphire crystal.

2.  Weight

The ideal weight of a watch is a matter of personal choice. Some people like to keep their wrists light while others feel a heavier watch to be more premium and classy.

The stainless steel watch is heavier in both case sizes for all obvious reasons. The 39.8g/47.8 g of stainless steel watch feels bulky when compared to 30.1/36.7 g of the aluminum watch.

So, if you are looking for an easy-to-wear watch then you should go for the aluminum variant but if a macho weight is what you acquire then select a stainless steel variant.

3.  Endurance rating

The stainless steel has a sufficient lead when it comes to the endurance of the watch. The extra grams on the watch add up effectively to the durability of the watch.

Stainless steel is more resistant to drops but the aluminum case is potent in preventing scratches.

Both watches offer water resistance up to 5O meters of depth.

4.  Connectivity options

A wider variety of connectivity options is seen with the Aluminum watch that offers a standard GPS version, a cellular version, and a GPS+Cellular version.

You get a GPS+Cellular is the only option available on the stainless steel watch.

The GPS+Cellular option allows you to use the watch as a standalone watch.

5.  Price range

The difference between the prices of the variants is a notable one. The aluminum watch offers better value for the money as it costs less and lasts longer as compared to the expensive stainless steel watch.

You can select from different connectivity types in the Aluminum watch according to your choice and financial capacity.

6.  Added features

The aluminum version offers the additional feature of the Nike+ watch. The very feature is specially designed for the runners that are aimed at tracking your running in a more detailed way.

You get loads of unique watch faces, always-on display options, and variable case-strap color options with the Hermes stainless steel watch. The Hermes watch costs more than the average stainless steel Apple Watch 5.


Both watches offer a multitude of features, some of which differ from each other for the good. The aluminum watch is an affordable device that is light in weight and more resistant to scratches at the same time.

The stainless steel watch is a sturdy variant that feels premium due to its bulk. It is a little higher in the price tag but offers a stronger display glass.

Now you can make a decision about what case shall suit your personality and your pocket too.

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