Best Android Smartwatches 2021

A century before, people might have thought about computers to be the smallest gadget in the digital world but with the fast-paced technological development, the size of machines continued to decrease while the functionality enhanced. Today, we’re living in an era where one can have everything on their wrists.

Yeah, that’s right.

Even these gadgets can sense the internal body temperature, blood pressure, and heartbeat rate. Moreover, through these gadgets, you can send and receive text messages and phone calls too. We are talking about smartwatches that are compatible with android phones and there are so many models out in the market which make us respect many of the advantages it offers.

Before discussing in detail the best smartwatches for Android phones, we will first tell you about some of the benefits of this revolutionary invention.

Why Android Smartwatches?

1. Smartwatch As Substitute For Your Smartphone

What if you are getting late for an interview and forget to take your phone with you. Your smartwatch will then guide you through the GPS about the location of the company’s office.

How big this relief is?

Not only this, but it can also prove as a substitute for your mobile phone in many cases like making a contactless payment, checking your daily step count, and replying to a text message through smartwatch.

2. Brilliant Fitness Tracker

How often do you get a phone which is lined with considerable fitness tracking options under $200! Smartwatches are perfect for fitness monitoring and give everything from your breathing levels and calorie burn count to challenging exercise routines with your friends. There are Apps and notifications that keep you determined for your daily runs, weekly swims, and other fitness regimes.

3. Reply In A Jiffy

You have to reach down for your pocket and take out a phone to answer a call while in case of a smartwatch, its right there in your face. Bring the hand near to your mouth and speak to the person on the other hand. Also, replying to a text message through voice commands in both convenient, easy, and fast.

4. Stay Connected

While you are engrossed in activities like office work, running, or exercising, its difficult to get a peek on your phone. Smartwatches will enable you to view notifications from social media platforms even while you are running on the track, such is the freedom to use these gadgets offer. Even while you are underwater, you can look at the messages you receive.

5. Equally Useful For Everyone

These digital wrist gadgets are equally useful for every age group including kids, teenagers, and adults.


Top Selling Android Smartwatches In 2021

Want to know about the best selling android smartwatches on Amazon? Here they are,

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our Top Pick
Fossil Sport Gen 4
Overall Best Smartwatch
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
Hybrid Android Smartwatch
Withings Steel HR
Android Smartwatch For Runners
Garmin Forerunner 235
Android Sports Smartwatch
Huawei Watch 2
Waterproof Android Smartwatch
TicWatch E2
stylish Android Smartwatch
Michael Kors Access Gen 3 Sofie
Best Smartwatch Smartwatch For Women
TicWatch C2

Best Smartwatches For Android Phones

Let’s get on with the models.

1. Fossil Sport Gen 4 (Top Pick – The Best Android Smartwatches)

Fossil Sport inherits its design from a traditional-looking watch and implements it through modern Google’s operating system. In fact, it is one of the best watches available in the market with the said OS. Equipped with the cutting-edge Snapdragon wear 3100 processor, it provides for a much vibrant smartwatch experience, multiple operating modes, and an extended battery life.

With an aluminum body that is both lightweight and durable, it will prove to be a true companion for your fitness routines be it running, working out, or swimming. The bottom button is preprogrammed to Google Fit and the top to its own software but that can be altered. The OLED screen resolution is 390×390 pixels sharp enough for a decent watch and comes with a bright display although it is hard to view in bright sunlight.

Fossil Sport has an internal memory of 4GB and a working RAM of 512MB which ensures that even multiple running of apps will not slow down the watch. But it is recommended that you don’t fill it up entirely because sooner or later, it will then go slow. It even contains NFC whereby you can make electronic payments by Google Pay.

If we talk about the primary reason for this watch’s manufacture, it’s the fitness aspect. Integrated with an accurate heartbeat counter and accelerometer, it will assist you in the majority of your exercise regimes which may include following a strict daily running plan, weekly cycling procedures, and day-to-day gym sessions.

Download fitness apps available on Google Store and link it with Fossil Sports to record your fitness records. In addition, you can use the “Sport Mode” which will activate the GPS and heart rate counter and the watch will still work for 15 hours. The battery timing can further be enhanced by using a low power mode when Gen 4 only operates as a normal watch.

As for the negative points, it doesn’t offer a lot of unique features and there were some complaints regarding the non-responsiveness of GPS.

  • Snapdragon 3100 processor
  • Good battery life of about 4 days on normal use and 7 days on low power mode
  • OLED screen with 390x390p resolution
  • A memory of 4GN and RAM of 512MB
  • Multiple operating modes for accurate fitness tracking
  • Compatible with Google Store and Google Pay through NFC
  • Not a lot of unique features
  • Some complaints about the GPS

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch (Best Selling Android Phone Compatible Smartwatch)

You won’t be disappointed in any regard with this watch; it’s a complete package with a good look, furnished with relevant features, lightweight and priced reasonably.

Galaxy Watch resembles a real watch with a circular dial and a metallic body. It has a rotating bezel which will help you navigate through the apps and two control buttons for even more control over the settings. The screen is 1.2 inches in size and carries an internal space of 4GB with a startling RAM size of 1.5GB which convincingly runs the apps without any lag.

In terms of connectivity, it is compatible with Android phones with Android 5.0 versions and above and iPhones operating on iOS 9 and later. As for the fitness regimes, it offers plenty with 39 monitorable exercises which include everything from running, swimming to leg curls, and push-ups. One can easily switch between these activities and have a record of the stress level and breathing rates in between too.

Automatic tracking is useful in scenarios when you forget to turn them on manually and their accuracy is at par with the much-specific Fitbit Versa. There is a ‘Together’ feature in Samsung Health that connects you to a friend whom you can challenge and compete with despite him not having a similar watch.

Sleep tracking is another benefit whereby you can rate the nature of your sleep: it measures it in terms of time in bed and distance traveled during sleep as a result of changing sides.

UI of Samsung Galaxy Watch is very exciting. It greets you after you take it off from the charging port and apps are shown along the border of the screen which looks engaging. Weather forecasts are represented through vibrant charts with accurate information about precipitation, sunlight, and wind. You can always play with the settings if you want to, arrange them according to your wish and place them anywhere you like on the screen.

You can sync it with your phone to play favorite music files and enjoy the hip hop during your daily workouts, cooking sessions or cleaning routines. But you won’t find Google Maps, WhatsApp and Messenger on it which is hard to believe.

However, it is only 0.96 ounces so you will not feel anything while running, swimming or sleeping. The exterior shields everything inside and is tough to penetrate which makes it one of the toughest smartwatches. 24-hour battery life is convincing but not very great.

  • Beautiful design and lightweight
  • A RAM of 1.5GB
  • Compatible with Android and Apple phones
  • Great fitness tracking abilities
  • Comprehensive and engaging UI
  • Customizable settings
  • You won’t find Google Maps, Messenger and WhatsApp

3. Withings Nokia Steel HR (Best Hybrid Android SmartWatch)

“Hybrid” corresponds to the versatility this watch is lined with: a sophisticatedly designed watch which is fitted with sound fitness capabilities.

Manufactured with attention to detail and user-friendliness, it has a slim built than standard watches and smaller in size so that it can be worn comfortably. Also, it doesn’t give a clue of being a fitness tracker, unlike the Fitbit which gives away its specificity in function through its shape. You can choose between black, purple, red, white blue and grey silicon strap color depending on your choice.

The control button can not be turned but have to press each time an iteration in functionality is needed which may be a source of concern for some users because they want a dial rather than a pressable button to toggle through the menus.

Like normal smartwatches, it can count your steps and heartbeat accurately and even shows when does a specific activity like jogging is half done through the percentage calculator that is present just above the 6 o’clock mark.

The accuracy of the counter is analyzed to be high especially the step counter and heartbeat monitor and they start automatically so you don’t have to prompt it every time. It can also measure the time you spend while sleeping and the nature of the sleep through the calculation of heartbeat and the amount you moved.

Nokia HR Hybrid is fully compatible with Android iOS and Apple apps whoever its own personal health app is Withings Mate app which will depict the history, progress, and probability of your fitness tracks through graphs and alerts in case you are close to your goals.

Convincing feature of this watch is the 25-day battery timing which is far better than most of its competitors but this is only because it doesn’t offer many high-end features like others. The display of illuminated digital clock and date will prove helpful at night.

  • Well-designed and simple to use
  • Many colors of straps are available
  • Precise but a non-extravagant fitness tracker
  • Compatible with Apple and iOS apps
  • Battery life of 25 days
  • The control button has to be pressed each time a change in menu is needed
  • Doesn’t offer many high-end features

4. Garmin Forerunner 235 (Top Rated Runners Android Smartwatch)

Along with being alluring to the eye, this smartwatch is furnished with tech-laden features that are sure to come in handy in many situations.

We start with the design initially. A circular 1.23 inches diameter dial is seemed lively with a vivid and bright display with five control buttons arranged along the circumference. A soft, silicone strap is soft to touch and also cuts on the probability of perspiration. Touch-sensitivity is non-existent which is a sort of deal breaker but there are capabilities that cover up for it.

Forerunner 235 is adorned with excellent fitness tracking qualities. The heart rate sensor gives a highly precise bpm rating and is at par with the Polar M430. It can show the history of the heartbeat for the past 7 days so you can remain up-to-date about your health. Another helpful indicator is the VO2 Mas reading which calculates the amount of oxygen taken in by the body.

The number of calories burned and steps taken are also measured through the execution of an integrated accelerometer and pedometer.

Moreover, it generates notifications that work well for the fitness of the user where it will customize how the data is shown, provides training plans and workouts, and recommends improvements. You can view message notifications, calendar reminders, emails and can play synced audio files.

Garmin forerunner 235 can be easily connected with ConnectIQ that compiles the data and MyFitnessPal that shows your fitness records. There is even a feature whereby you can join the leaderboard of Garmin users so you can be passionate about beating them. You’ll also find an option of creating a training calendar from your phone and syncing it with the watch to view the progress.

Moreover, Garmin Forerunner 235 can smoothly be synced over Bluetooth and one can listen to his favorite songs while jogging in the minty-fresh mornings or sweating hard through his extensive gym sessions.

It has a battery life of a week which, given the features, it is incorporated with, quite impressive. Lack of a Wi-fi and inability to reply to text messages are some of the shortcomings of this otherwise great smartwatch.

  • Comfortable wearable with a bright display
  • Excellent fitness tracker
  • Great connectivity through Bluetooth and ConnectIQ
  • Battery life of a week
  • No touch sensitivity
  • Can not reply to a text message

5. Huawei Watch 2 (Best Android Sports Smartwatch – Editor’s Choice)

It’s exciting to believe you can have something smaller than an actual smartphone with the exact same capabilities and Huawei Watch 2 model is the signatory of that excitement. From sending text messages to viewing your running progress and listening to music, it has it all.

Ever seen sportsmen wear a large-dial, plastic-body watch which sticks fully with the wrist; its that sort of a shape with a ceramic bezel and a Gorilla Glass covering. The silicone strap, like the previous model, promotes grip and prevents perspiration.

Watch 2 is lit with fitness tracking. The button on the side takes the user to the Workout App within which the real threat lies. You can choose between the type of workout you are about to start like a jog, cardio or cycle and after the exercise, get a statistic reading of your performance. It can keep track of your previous exercises as well so that you can relate whether you have improved or fallen behind.

Huawei Watch 2 is fully compatible with all Google Play apps and you can download your most favorite fitness app from Runtastic, RunKeeper, or Google Fit. You have the option of the warm-up run, run and cool down to select the prescribed type of activity. That’s for the extensive part. For simple tracking, it precisely measures your heart rate, steps moved and calories burned.

One can make contactless payments with it, help navigate paths using Google Maps, and check for daily weather updates. It has a versatile procedure of replying to a text message where you can choose from preloaded messages, voice commands, handwriting features, or keypad to type a message. The self-locking mode prompts you to enter a PIN each time it’s off from your wrist so in case it gets stolen, the thief cannot have access to the stuff inside it.

It runs on Android Wear 2.0 and that means you can directly download apps of your choice from the store. It has a 4GB space to store your audio files and apps. In addition to it, the 4G capability and nano-SIM slot make sure that you can remain in contact with your loved ones even when there is no phone with you.

Huawei Watch 2 can also be connected harmlessly with any Android phone running on Android 4.3 update and higher and paired easily through Bluetooth. Compatibility with Apple phones has been reviewed to incur issues.

But you might feel frustrated some times due to the lag in the apps running on this watch. An easy solution is to keep some memory unfilled because if not, there are chances that you have to encounter a delay of seconds.

  • Sporty outlook
  • Very good fitness tracking with in-depth detailing and progress indication
  • Compatible with Android phones
  • 4G capability and nanoSIM insertion
  • Inexpensive
  • Impressive self-locking mode
  • There could be some lag while playing the apps
  • Compatibility issues with Apple phones

6. Ticwatch E2 (Best Budget Android Smartwatch)

Slightly reserved on the range of features but very convenient with regards to the promised capabilities, this smartwatch is a budget-friendly option for all those who wish for a simple, not-so-accessorized smartwatch.

E2 has a large circular display screen of 1.39 inches with a ridged bezel and a control button on the right side. It may be a little heavier and larger for some people but that hasn’t seemed to incur serious issues among customers.

The silicone strap has two flaps to keep it in position and it responds well to moisture and sweat. It is fully compatible with the Google Play Store and Android phones.

The resolution is 400×400 pixels which are greater than the Fossil Sports model and an AMOLED screen which ensures the user has no problem visualizing it in the bright winter sunlight. Unlike some of the non-touch sensitive model, it provides a good touch sensitivity because using a single button to control all settings can be a bit frustrating. In addition, it is waterproof till 5 ATM so that you can track your underwater activities as well.

Ticwatch E2 features the Snapdragon Wear 2100 controller with a RAM of 512 MB and an internal space of 4GB. Together, they function supremely to run many of the apps, responsive fitness tracking, and connectivity schemes.

Touch sensitivity means you rely on swipes of your fingers more as swiping up with take you to notifications while swiping right lands you in the hands of Google Assistant. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain NFC so you can not make contactless payments.

As for fitness tracking, it is pretty standard but accurate. There is an accelerometer, GPS, and heart rate counter for monitoring your daily activities. You can keep track of your counts, make exercise patterns, and follow them through alarms and notifications. It can be connected without any glitches, to Google Fit or TicWatch Exercise App.

There are many modes you can dive in to like cycling, freestyle, and pool swim. The freestyle option is useful for your gym sessions where you must need to track your reps. There is a useful feature that locks the screen as you enter inside the water so that accidental touches can be avoided. Only when you press the power button to view your progress, does the display turn on.

The battery timing is not great and that’s the biggest disadvantage. Ticwatch promised a 2-day battery life but it hasn’t been the case. After using it for a month or so, life decreased to 1 day. The good thing is it doesn’t decrease any further though. However, battery-draining activities like GPS do deplete the battery faster.

  • Sharp resolution and bright display
  • Touch sensitivity
  • Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset
  • Accurate fitness tracking
  • Useful screen lock features underwater
  • High compatibility with Google Store and Android Phones
  • Affordable
  • Bad battery life
  • No NFC

7. Micheal Kors Access Sofie (Stylish Android Watch For Women)

This model carries the look of a traditional watch with a circular metallic dial and a stainless steel strap but functions as a limited version of a smartwatch. It doesn’t have a GPS or heart rate monitor but can run health apps and your music.

The display has a resolution of 390×390 pixels and the screen is AMOLED with brightness strong enough to be viewable in sunlight. There is a single button that will do all the toggling but is 1.5 pounds heavy and you might not like to wear it while exercising.

It doesn’t offer in-depth fitness tracking but is lined with lightweight features. Google Fit is preinstalled in the watch and it can be employed to count your steps, the distance traveled and the calories burned in a day. With a water resistance rating of IP67, you shouldn’t worry about using it in rain; it would do just fine.

The watch is powered by Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip and has a storage of 4 GB so you can conveniently store your audio files and other apps. It has its own app which will be used to connect with other Android phones. It is compatible with Android OS 44+ and iOS 93+. You may reply to text messages using the keypad, voice control or scribble effect, view important notifications and alarms, weather updates, and call your contacts.

It lacks GPS, heart rate monitor, and NFC which limits its usage greatly. The watch is more of a fashion statement than a fitness smartwatch. You can wear it to parties, view smart notifications, and answer to calls to look cool and up-to-date within communities.

It has the ability to link to iPhone as well but you would miss out on full notifications, however, it can be synced with Apple Calendar. The battery timing of Access Sofie is 24 hours and you wouldn’t mind it because provided the capabilities it offers, it won’t be used extensively.

  • Beautiful and a fashion statement
  • Bright display
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, and iOS
  • Decent fitness tracking
  • No GPS, NFC and heart rate monitor
  • Not very useful for fitness freaks

8. TicWatch C2 (Best Selling Android Smartwatch For Women)

Another TicWatch model in this list with a sleek look and helpful features; certainly, one to check out if you are eying at a women smartwatch.

There are two control buttons, one for navigating through the menu and the other to trigger the apps. Like many other watches, it is powered by Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor but has a slightly lower resolution of 360 x 360 pixels however it still feels good to the eye.

It is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices while some features seem to get locked while using it with Apple phones. C2’s default fitness app is the TicHealth app but the 2.2 updates will give you the freedom to choose either this or Google Fit. It can effectually measure all the normal fitness metrics like steps taken, calories burned and the heart rate. You can add notifications and health alerts to remain engaged but there is nothing unique about this watch.

C2 has a battery life of about 32 hours, comes in multiple watch faces and is IP68 waterproof. It weighs only 0.6 pounds so you can wear it during all activities including running, sleeping and swimming. The reason for including this model is that it is a simple watch with a limited set of features but those are highly responsive and not prone to problems at all.

  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • Limited features but useful and prone to any running problems
  • Water-resistant
  • Included GPS
  • iOS capabilities are limited


We tried to cover most of the explicit specifications for the smartwatches on the list of best smartwatches for Android Phones.

Now you have to understand that it is difficult to have all features in a single smartwatch and that too with no lag. But, since the point of consideration here was compatibility and connectivity with the android phone, therefore, we conclude this owing to that trait.

For us, Fossil Sport Gen 4 and Huawei Watch 2 are the potential winners and are the best smartwatches for phones. They can do almost everything that an Android Phone does. These models can be easily connected with android phones and synced with apps.

Galaxy Watch is a competitor as well but the lack of some features like Google Maps and WhatsApp have pushed it behind.

As for the other models, they carry some specific merits which are of great value for some people and thus could be purchased as well.