Best Smartwatch For Men 2021 – Stylish & Elegant Watches

Everybody wants to look modish. Glamour has penetrated deep into the layers of our society. Nowadays, every individual tries to create an impressive aura of himself just to get accepted by the fashion-laden society. This is every man’s right to look good and attractive.

The criteria of charming and mesmerizing looks vary from person to person, but an established fact is that most of the men find peace in body embellishment. The cliché of a tall, dark and handsome male with popping pecks and toned abs is incomplete without a sturdy, macho watch on his hand.

The relationship of a watch and macho dates back to early revolution days. In the days of our grandpas, denim was a signature of masculine fashion. To add to the heroism, a pocket-watch was carried back then too. Watches saw a revolution and started to reside atop the wrists. The fashionable men have boasted of these metal ornaments for a long time.

However, the technological transformation came as a doom for the primitive watch design. Yet, a further evolution brought back the orthodox beauty of stainless-steel straps with added goodies and amenities.

Today we shall provide you with an in-depth analysis of the best smartwatches for men like we have already done for best kid smartwatches.

A Quick Buying Guide: What a man needs to know

Before you hit the market, take a look at this immensely informative piece of writing. The features you should look for include:


Bold design is necessary. The uproar of masses regarding unjust segregation of colours has resulted in a variety of colour options for the lads now. No more blue, wear whatever you want and be comfy in it. Colour preference is a matter of personal choice. One should not be judgmental, but who doesn’t like black?

An option to change between straps can help you switch according to your mood.

Endurance of material

Excellent strength and toughness define a man’s watch. The material of the watch should be strong enough to withstand the macho activities of the males.

Fitness and Health monitoring

To achieve an attractive physique, men of the 21st century tend to run, jog, swim and do all sorts of stuff to burn the calories and harbour the muscle. To keep yourself updated and motivated the watch must provide you with a record of your health and fitness.


In some scenarios, men are lousy at keeping up with the charging requirements of their devices. So, the smartwatch should provide good juice.

Top 10 Smartwatches For Men

The best products in this field are as follows

  1. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless steel
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch
  3. Garmin Fenix 6 pro
  4. Fossil Gen 4 Men’s watch
  5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
  6. Withings Steel Hr
  7. Garmin fēnix 5
  8. Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE
  9. Apple Watch Series 5
  10. Samsung galaxy gear S3 frontier

1. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless-steel: The Man of Steel(Amazon’s Choice)

Fossil Gen 5 has proved to be the epitome of manly jewellery. The Stainless-Steel strap is all you need to suffice your manhood when it comes to fashion.

Design of the watch

The watch design is great. The dial is a 44mm round case to which interchangeable stainless-steel straps(22mm) can be snapped on. Your male wrists shall look great when covered with this stylish watch.

The primitive look of the watch is great to have. It shall suit your manly wrists by all means.

Endurance of material

The swim-proof design can resist being underwater up to 3 ATM of pressure. Your hydrophilic nature will feel no bounds anymore. Just strap on your handsome gadgetry and head to the beach. The sturdy design is an embodiment of the manliness that lies in the watch.


The battery is a strong performer here. The ability to adapt to different modes to save battery is a beneficial feature. These modes can help you prolong the battery life by altering the running of apps.

Health monitoring and Fitness tracking

The Gen 5 has an improved heart sensor which is battery efficient. Physique conscious men can easily measure your heart rate. The heart rate monitor works for hand in hand with the google fit app making it a notable combination.

The google fit app is one of the most optimized apps for fitness tracking. You can carry out health coaching and track your heart points. A record for your active minutes will help you set your goals with ease.

There is an option to install 3rd party apps for fitness tracking too. Applications like Nike run app can be a relief for the adventure seekers. These apps utilize the GPS of the watch to provide accurate workout data.

What’s more?

A Google Assistant is the most highlighted feature. This is your personal voice assistant who can carry out searches for you and hold a soothing conversation with you.

The Wear OS by Google offers a variety of powerful features. The Google Play app allows paying via your watch. Forgot your wallet home? No problem. Your watch is sufficient to carry out the transactions.

  • Mobile payment Good speaker Waterproofing Good battery optimization Google assistant
  • A very heavy watch

Bottom-line Fossil Gen 5 is a unique watch with a stylish design. A google powered device is suitable for massive manly wrists.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch: The Macho Watch(Amazon’s Choice)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch nothing but a macho device that is right in point. The premium feel of the watch is accompanied with great amenities.

  • A good battery
  • Water resistance
  • Samsung Pay
  • Health and fitness tracking


The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a big round dialled watch, made for the manly wrists. The large 46mm case size promises to look and feel premium. You can choose from a collection of interchangeable bands.

Endurance of Materials

This watch is crafted to endure in tough situations. The durability of the watch lives up to its Macho title. The material is sturdy as per the military standards. The waterproofing is noteworthy as this watch can withstand 5 ATM of water pressure.


 The battery can go for days without you having to charge it. The battery is the department where Samsung surpasses its competitors. It also has the option of wireless charging.

Fitness and Health tracking

The fitness tracking app runs as smooth as it gets. You can just save your fitness information in the app, and the watch will do the rest. It tells you how much you need to work out, and at the end of the day, you can calculate your steps too.

 This watch automatically detects a shift in heart rate when you switch between workout activities. The heart rate measurement is reliable.

The GPS mainly works in conjunction with the fitness tracker but works fine in location service too.

What’s more?

Apart from the ability to make good quality calls and messages, there is a feature of HOME IoT that lets you connect and control different household objects. You can use a specific set of commands to carry out multiple actions on TV, vacuum cleaner, or an air conditioner.

With Samsung Pay on the watch, you can make payments very quickly.

A big world of smartwatch apps awaits you on the application store of the watch.

  • The durability of military standards Samsung pay is available Waterproof Good battery life
  • A heavy watch Samsung pay requires NFC

Bottom line: Samsung Galaxy Watch is the watch for men that seek a premium design. It is more of a male watch with pretty good specs.


3. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro: Best for Ski loving men

The Garmin brand has given a watch for the doers. The watch completely justifies its entry in the best smartwatches for men.

Key features

  • Diamond-like Carbon Coated dial
  • Always-on AMOLED display
  • Advanced Pulse oximeter
  • Preloaded maps
  • One of the best Navigation systems
  • Garmin Pay


The design of this gadget is unlike anything you had seen before or even imagined.  The rugged design will find an abode in your heart. The 1.3-inch Always-on display shall mesmerize your eyes while simultaneously providing the comfort of checking the time instantly.

The bezels on the watch are an uncanny finding, but they feel nothing less than premium.


Folks! The endurance standards on this watch can be claimed to be “Never seen before”. Biocompatibility of metals allows their use on or inside the human body without any negative impact. Garmin has used the best of the biocompatible metals in the manufacture of the very watch.

The bezels of the watch are made out of stainless steel or titanium. If not for these metals, a diamond-like coating of carbon is found which makes it miles ahead of its competitors in the race of endurance.

Fitness and Health tracking

This device from Garmin is a jack of all. The fitness and health department hold queer, intriguing features which are more of a use for the embracers of nature.

In a group of men, there is always an adrenaline junky who knows no fear and always goes by his gut. If you are one of those, then hold on tight as I am about to unleash the might of this beast.

For your advance training, the PacePro app shall be the guide throughout your day. Does that sound basic? Now comes the substantial part, the positioning system here employs GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, assuring a spot-on record of your fast running ordeal.

An excess of preloaded maps on the watch seems like a scene from a Sci-Fi movie. The TOPO maps shall prevent you from going astray in the wild.

Skiers shall find thus watch worth every penny, thanks to the 2000+ ski resort maps that are preloaded in the watch. By giving a glance at them, you will impatiently wait for the winters to arrive.

 A Pulse Oximeter is found in addition to the heart-rate sensor. This will help when working out on high altitudes.


This watch is a battery king as the manufacturers claim 14 days of battery time in normal usage, which extends to 28 days in GPS activity mode.

What’s more?

Garmin Pay allows mobile payments.

With music storage, you can play your favorite melodies anytime, anywhere.

  • Military standard endurance of materials Advanced Pulse Oximeter Best battery Garmin Pay
  • An expensive watch

Bottom-line The Garmin Fenix 6 pro is a watch from the heaven. If you want to have everything within a watch, this is your gadget-to-go.

4. Fossil Gen 4 men’s Watch: The Pocket-friendly Manly Watch (Amazon Choice)

The Gen 4 version of the smartwatch from Fossil brand carries all essential aspects to keep it in the list of best smartwatches for men.

Key features

  • Swim-proof and strong design
  • Good fitness and health tracking
  • Google-powered OS
  • The big case size of 45mm


The Gen 4 boasts of a great design. The round dial is of a right 45mm size. If you are a fan of large-sized dials, this watch will be your most loved gadget.

The customizable watch faces allow you to shift between watch faces according to your environment. The interchangeable bands add to the diversity in the design of the watch.

Endurance of material

The watch not only looks manly but behaves manly too. The excellent round dial is firm and waterproofing to a 3 ATM level proves to be a cherry on the top.

The sturdy bands compliment the strength of the case.

Fitness and Health Monitoring

Smartwatches and fitness tracking are considered as interchangeable terms nowadays. If a watch doesn’t provide good fitness and health tracking, then it isn’t considered as a smartwatch.

Here you will find exceptionally well-managed fitness and health tracking. Measuring your heart rate along with your running and yoga records is no problem for this beautiful accessory.

Google OS is very organized and systematic in maintaining your data. The incorporated GPS adds to the smooth running of this feature.


The watch battery is made to last for a good 24 hours, and a may last for a couple of days more.

What’s more?

Google Assistant is going to be your companion in loneliness while the Google Pay app relieves you of the burden of carrying a wallet.

Music lovers can store and enjoy music on the go. You can stay aware of the weather and calendar alerts.

You don’t need to take your phone out every time your friend tags you on Facebook. The notifications are now there on your watch.

  • Great Dial size with beautiful looks Durable waterproofing Google OS is smooth Google Pay
  • The battery could have been better

Bottom-line A great manly watch made to suffice your basic needs.


5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: The Best Lightweight Watch

Samsung doesn’t shy from giving superbly designed watches. The rock-hard watch will have you captivated in its magic.

Key features

  • Light yet strong watch
  • Aluminum or Stainless-steel case
  • Continuous heart-rate tracker
  • Good fitness tracking


The design of this bad boy will surely turn some heads in the crowd. The case is outstanding when it comes to variety. You can choose between an aluminum or a stainless-steel case and from a size of 40 or 44mm.

The design is robust yet very lightweight. You can choose between different watch faces which adds to the elegance.


The material can attract some eyes while being strong and comfortable on the hand. It can handle every day use with ease.

It can withstand a dip in the water too.

Fitness and Health tracking

The health tracker found in this machine is above par. Be it the heart rate monitor or the sleep tracker; the watch stands out in measuring your body’s variations.

Setting up and achieving your workout goals will now be super smooth and easy with the Samsung galaxy watch Active 2. It covers everything from walking to swimming. The Samsung Health app will accompany you to accomplish those fitness feats you have longed for.


The battery compartment of the watch is decent that provides you juice for a whole day.

What’s more?

The additional goodies in this specific watch win our hearts away. The Samsung Pay shall be a sigh of relief when your friends drag you to the coffee shop in your shorts.

Oh haven’t I told of the Samsung Voice Assistant? Bixby can talk you through your breakup sadness. It can also read out your friend’s messages while at work. This personal assistant of yours shall play your Spotify playlist to alleviate your mood after a hard day at the office.

  • Very lightweight watch Heart monitor and sleep tracker is very accurate Bixby is a great feature
  • The battery could have been better

Bottom-line The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an ideal buy for those of you who get tired by a heavy watch. It provides manly elegance with the best features in a pretty light mass.


6. Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch: The Best fitness recorder

The Withings Steel smartwatch is a powerpack of features that gives you a good battery and great health monitors.

Key Features

  • Variety of wristbands
  • One of the best batteries
  • Health monitoring is above par
  • Waterproofing


The Withings smartwatch is one of the round dial watches. The watch boasts of an attractive design that will suffice your strong look needs. The ability to change straps will set the mood for every endeavor of yours. 


The battery capacity of all other watches is no match for this beast. The watch gives a whopping 25 days of battery life after a charge for merely 2 hours. It is so good that it sounds unreal.

Endurance of materials

The watch has great protection against the water. You can jump into the water carefree. But be sure not to expose this buddy to more than 5 ATM of water pressure.

Fitness and health tracking

A touch over 30 different modes of sports are offered in this specific watch. The GPS works in sync with the fitness app, which measures steps in walking and running, etc.

Swimming data is recorded for you.

This watch gives very good sleep tracking data, and Heart rate tracking is also available like all other competitors which give reliable heart rate data all along the day.

Another salient feature of the health monitor app is the measure of fitness level (i.e. cardiovascular capacity) by analyzing the oxygen consumption (VO2 measure). This consumption score is directly proportional to your health levels.

What’s more?

Smart notifications give you call and text notifications. App notifications of Facebook, WhatsApp, and other apps are displayed on the watch.

3rd party apps can be downloaded and work in synchrony.

  • A very good battery Health monitoring has a VO2 measure Waterproofing
  • No mobile payment option available

Bottom-line if you are not habitual of mobile payment and serious record keeper of your health this watch can be a very good option.


7. Garmin Fenix 5: The Big Wrist Watch

This classy piece from Garmin will enhance your macho look wherever you go. Built for the tough guys, this watch offers multisport options for you.

Key features

  • The large dial of 47mm
  • Rugged design with stainless-steel bezels
  • Good fitness tracking
  • Location services are the finest


This member of the Garmin family targets the sporty guys. If you are a sport enthusiast, then you shall find greatness in every aspect of this watch.

The design is great providing you with a round dial that is a whopping 47mm in size. A size that will light up every meeting you go in and will prompt everyone to ask you about it.

You can shift between wristbands pretty easily. You can put on the sober band while at work and strap on the stretchy one when hitting the gym.

Endurance of materials

This member of the Best watches for men has its own classy features. The dial is a rugged one. This watch will stand tall against scratches, falls, and tyranny of water.

A fiber-reinforced strap and a steel rear cover add to the protection of the device.

Fitness and Health Tracking

Fitness department is very the watch shows its vibrant colors by filling the sky with its radiance. The positioning mechanism that incorporates all known locators (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) ensures an exceptional data record of running outside.

An in-depth data record of your stride, skiing, running, paddling and swimming is kept, thanks to the advanced running dynamics present in the watch. Golf and other sports record option is also available.

The health track is unlike others. You get a pulse oximeter along with a heartrate scanner, both of which lace you with data of exercise’s impact on the body.

Garmin is famous for providing something out of the world. In this particular watch, you can pair up with a heart rate chest strap to get more details of the vertical oscillations.

What’s more?

Garmin Connect app gives you notifications right on your wrist.

  • Jumbo-sized strong dial Multisport support Advanced health tracking Stylish straps
  • Watch is expensive No AMOLED screen

Bottom-line This is an ideal watch for sport-lovers.


8. Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE smartwatch: The Swimmer’s choice

Ticwatches from Mobvoi have been the centre of attention for quite some time. This watch lives up to the reputation of the company.

Key features

  • Dual-layered Screen
  • Military standard durable case
  • Immensely good battery
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Fitness tracking is top-notch


The company has come up with a unique design of the double-layered Screen. You find screens incorporated together (one on the top of the other). A dual display of an IPS and an AMOLED panel makes it the unique watch in the line up of best watches for men.

The Silicone strap of the watch is lightweight and comfortable.

Endurance of materials

The endurance list of the watch goes a long way. In this very department, the performance of the watch is too good to be true.

It comes with great resistance to scratches attributed to the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

Certification of military standard 810G is on board too. So, drops, sand, dust, and heat changes will have to work hard to harm this guy.

The best part of the watch is IP68 waterproofing. As a member of the swimmer’s clan, you can take it to the pool with you and stun your companions by showing them its marvelous features. Astonishingly the speaker is water-resistant too.

And for further protection, there is an aluminum back cover too.


A variety of battery modes provides juice for long times. The battery can last from 2 days to even a month, depending on the type of mode chosen and the amount of usage.

Fitness and Health tracking

 The more you know about this beast, the more you fall for it. The fitness is as good as the rest of the features. The availability of 6 sports mode is a blessing.

TicMotion app masters in noticing your running, walking and all sorts of fitness activities. However, the standout feature here is the accurate and fast recording of the swimming data. If you want to build those biceps in the pool, this watch will aid you in enhancing your masculine look.

A built-in GPS helps track outdoor activities.

Ticsleep tracks your sleep data while TicPulse provides you with highly precise and accurate heart-monitoring, which continues 24 hours a day.

What’s more?

 The watch is powered by Google’s Wear OS. A lot of stuff is present under this banner too.

4G LTE connectivity via a 4G sim card is possible. This enables you to perform a wide spectrum of chores, including synchronizing notifications with the phone, streaming music, and downloading apps.

Google Pay offers wireless payment via NFC. You won’t need to carry a card or bills to do groceries.

  • Dual Screen provides good brightness Wear OS is smooth Material is sturdy and strong Swim-proofing is great Google Pay
  • The option of a metal strap option would have made it look better.

Bottom-line The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G is an ideal option for tough swimmers who love to embrace the water. It provides everything with great swim-proofing serving as the cherry on the top.


9. Apple Watch Series 5: The Best Apple Watch(Amazon Choice)

Apple is a known name in the world of gadgetry. Though the company sticks to its signature designs, yet these designs suit the male wrists quiet well.

Key features

  • 40/44mm case size
  • Always-on display
  • ECG app and Heart sensors
  • Good fitness tracking
  • Waterproof

The apple watch is the best latest watch an iPhone fanboy can go for. The features offered are classy and above par. The highlighting features of this series are as follows:


Apple tends to keep its design in most of the devices. A signature design of the square-shaped dial with a variety of 40mm and 44mm case sizes is continued. Men can choose between the two sizes as per their wrist size and liking.

An Always-on retina display shines bright with high contrast.

Endurance of materials

The waterproofing claim of the manufacture shall come handy when you take a dive into the pool carefree of damage to your precious watch. Water resistance of up to 50m is provided.

Fitness and Health tracking

This watch is an absolute beast in terms of medical facilities. The ECG app allows you to measure the heart rate and heart rhythm.

How can a watch (this good) lack the fitness tracking feature?  A fitness freak will surely love to have this on his wrist. A pedometer helps you keep a record of the number of steps and laps while you can set targets. Fitness goals can then be achieved with the activity ring.

The GPS on the watch works in harmony to record outdoor workout data.

What’s more?

A beneficial feature is Mobile payment. You can instantly pay for your item with the Apple pay, that too, with utmost reliability and security.

This watch works with a 4g LTE connection. With a fast processor atop, the device works at a blazing fast speed. No lag in downloading is seen whatsoever.

 Apple store is installed in the watch that lets us explore the world of iOS apps.

  • 4g LTE Waterproof watch ECG app Apple pay facility
  • Battery life is still 18 hours at max Same design as apple watch series 4


This is an upgraded version of the Apple Watch 4 that brings great display, medical and fitness features under the hood. The best apple has produced up till now.


10. Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier: The Best Basic Watch

Of all the Samsung products that lure into hearts of its fans, the frontier S3 is a unique one. Let’s know why:

Key features

  • Rotatable bezel
  • Straps with a breathable design
  • Military-grade durability
  • Samsung Pay


Men are attracted to beauty but only with brains. This smart gadget puts both on the table in an elegant way.

The watch offers a unique rotatable bezel. With this sitting atop your wrist, you just have to rotate the dial to switch between the apps. This feature is for the fun-loving.

The straps are designed to let your skin breathe. This is achieved by holes in the variety of small and large straps.

Endurance of materials

The durability is above par. You get a military standard tough watch that can bear pretty much everything. Be it dust, drops, water or extremes of temperature, the watch won’t disappoint you.

Fitness and Health tracking

The S health app does a fantastic job of keeping track of your heart rate.  This data lined up with your workout record is beneficial in making you aware of your body.

The GPS tracking of the watch puts you in a comfortable zone when carrying out your outdoor activity.


The watch will survive for three days after a single charge.

What’s more?

Samsung Pay app gives the freedom of mobile payment. Habitual forgetters of the wallet will find relief in this device.

You can stay updated with notifications of text and calls as they are displayed on the watch directly.

  • Unique styled rotatable bezel Military standard durability Strap design is easy on the wrist Samsung Pay
  • A very basic watch lacking high-end features Fitness tracking is not the best

Bottom line: Samsung Frontier S3 watch is a very basic yet elegant smartwatch. It meets all the basic requirements in a good price range.


Conclusion: The Winner and the Runner Up

 It is tough to provide conclusive remarks as all the competitors do an excellent job of running the basic errands. However, the flawless metallic design of the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch wins this round.

The representation of a macho watch, i.e. the Samsung Galaxy Watch stays just shy of the top spot and saves its position for our runner up title.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Are the watches compatible with Android and IOS both?

Answer: All the watches except the Apple Watch Series are compatible with iOS and Android both. The Apple Watch works with iOS only.

Q2.  How does the Mobile Pay app work?

Answer: The mobile Pay app uses NFC to work.

Q3. Can the watches withstand drops?

Answer: Most of the watches can withstand light wear and tear. The ones with military standard testing can bear grave conditions too.