Best Smartwatches With Camera 2021

“Capturing the moment in the lens of a camera is a pleasant activity”. A recall of those memories takes us down the memory lane where we had spent some unforgettable time.

The importance of a camera in today’s world is unexplainable. It has become a staple of your lives. From taking photos of street thugs to sharing an adorable moment between your toddler and the pet dog, the camera covers a lot of aspects of our lives.

Initially, one had to work hard just to get their hands on this miraculous device. With the discovery of smartphones, we saw cameras become easily accessible as now they were incorporated into a pocket device.

A further leap into technology and now we have them on our wrists. Yes, several smartwatch companies provide you the leisure of a camera. But what watches are credible and have good cameras? Is a question asked by many?

After some research, we bring to you the best smartwatch with the camera of 2021.

Benefits of a camera in a smartwatch

Having a camera in your smartwatch is cool. You can do the following stuff with it:

  • Take quick photos (no need to take out the phone and press the shutter)
  • Take selfies
  • Capture any heinous activity or crime without making it obvious
  • Spy on someone

A Quick Buying Guide For Smartwatches With Camera 2021

You ought to know some basics about an ideal smartwatch with a camera before buying one. We have prepared a buying guide for you so that it is easier for you to make a decision.

Look and feel

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is a matter of personal choice but you should keep this in mind.

You should know what dial type (stainless steel, aluminum), dial shape (square, round), and strap (silicone, stainless steel) suit you.

If the look of the watch is pleasing to your eye, only then will it last longer.

Battery life

The greatest downside of smartwatches is the fragile batteries they come with. You should try to search for a smartwatch that lasts better than others (if you are an aggressive user).

Camera quality and features

The quality of the camera is an important aspect too. A few manufacturers provide VGA cameras while some lace you with a 2 mp camera that is clearer and more detailed.

Features such as 2-way video calling are part of Kid’s watches that add to the Safety features of the watch.

Location of the camera

The location plays a role in deciding how you can use the camera. Front-facing cameras allow you to take selfies while cameras placed on the side are good for spying.

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Top 10 smartwatches with camera 2021

The top 10 contenders for the Best smartwatch with camera 2021 are:

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4 new from $47.99
11 used from $35.99
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AllCall GT 4G smartwatch is an overall performer. The watch demands some nickels from your pocket but it is worth every penny you spend on it.

  • 6” Round dial with ceramic bezels
  • Comfortable silicone strap
  • AMOLED and IPS screens
  • 3-5 days of battery life
  • Front-facing camera and sideways camera
  • Video calls
  • IP67 waterproofing
  • Standalone 4G watch

Looks and feel

The charm of this watch is here to stay. The watch boasts a beautiful and unique round dial of 1.6 inches with Ceramic bezels and we can assure you that the watch is utmostly premium in looks and feel.

The straps are interchangeable and you will find a variety of them.

The display type on the watch puts it in a unique position. You get a brilliant and bright AMOLED screen atop an IPS LCD panel. This maneuver saves battery while providing a crisp display.

What more can you demand?

Battery life

The battery department of the watch is appreciable. You will be able to get a couple of days of juice on average usage.

An additional two days may be seen with the power-saving mode.

Camera quality and features

Before we go onto explain the quality of the camera, one featured that lured our hearts is the Face Unlock. You might have heard of this feature in high-end smartphones.

Well, this smartwatch is a feature beast. It may seem like a gimmick but kudos to the innovation. The watch supports facial recognition and extracts 1068 facial features to identify your face.

The feature keeps your watch safe and secure.

Coming on to the quality of the camera. The watch shines the brightest in this area. With its 8mp HD camera, the watch makes sure that no other competitor comes near to it.

In addition to this 8mp camera, you get a 2.0mp shooter too.

You can use the cameras for taking pictures, recording HD videos, and video calls with your family.

Location of the Camera

The 2 cameras provided are located at the ideal places. A front-facing 2.0 mp camera lets you take good selfies. Don’t expect very high-quality results but the megapixel count is more than enough to be displayed on a watch screen.

However, the 8mp camera that is placed on the right side of the dial gives great High-quality pictures. So, you can capture the surroundings in the best possible way.

What’s more?

The watch is IP67 waterproof which means splashes and dips in the pool are not a problem.

The biggest upside (apart from cameras) is the ability to use the smartwatch as a standalone watch. It supports a 4G sim card. You can make calls and send texts from your wristwatch.

This beasty device has 9 built-in sports modes that are enhanced with an in-built GPS.

You get an accurate heart rate scanner for the price that adds to the greatness of the watch.

Receiving social media notifications is another impressive feature of the machine.

  • 8mp+2mp camera
  • Face Unlock
  • HD Video recording
  • Video call option
  • Standalone watch
  • The watch is a little expensive (around two hundred dollars)


The AllCall GT 4G is a master of all devices. It brings everything to the table. The cameras, the waterproofing, standalone feature, and fitness features, everything on this watch has stunned us. We definitely recommend you to get this device Asap.

2.  AllCall 3G Waterproof Watch: BEST CAMERA WATCH FOR ANDROID

The next device in line is a downgraded yet more popular version of the AllCall GT 4G device. This smartwatch too has some serious tricks up its sleeves.

  • 39” AMOLED screen
  • Fashionable round dial with a comfortable strap
  • 0mp HD camera
  • IP67 Waterproofing
  • Standalone watch
  • Sports modes and heart sensor

Looks and Feel

The enchanting looks of the watch are appreciated by the greatest critics even. Users who gripe over the features of the watch, still believe it to be a piece of amazing tech jewelry.

The smartwatch comes packed with a decent-sized AMOLED screen that is sufficiently bright and crispy.

The round dial looks modish while the comfortable silicone strap is adaptable.

Battery life

The smartwatch comes with an average-sized battery and is a disappointment for many. The watch suffers to make it through the day even.

Camera quality and features

AllCall 3G smartwatch boasts of a 2.0mp camera. You can use this camera to take High-Quality pictures of your surroundings.

The feature is pretty helpful in situations where taking out your phone is a risky business.

You can capture the world while hiking, swimming, or rock climbing.

Location of the camera

The camera is located on the side of the dial, thus providing you the convenience of capturing the beauty of nature.

Alas! You can’t take selfies with this camera watch.

What’s more?

We simply love the Standalone feature of the watch. You don’t get to add a 4G sim in this pretty device but a 3G sim isn’t bad at all. Slide in a 3G sim card and make calls to your loved ones. You can send text messages to your friends and family too.

You can take the watch to the pool with you, thanks to the IP67 waterproof rating.

An efficient heart rate scanner keeps an eye on your heartbeat throughout the day and informs you of any abrupt changes.

Here you get 9 different sports modes which include running, cycling, and swimming, etc.

The entertainment lovers can control music on your smartphone from the watch and can also receive social media notifications uninterrupted.

  • AMOLED screen
  • 2.0mp front-facing camera
  • Standalone watch (3G)
  • Heart rate sensor with multisports modes
  • Pathetic battery life


The AllCall 3G smartwatch is a powerful device with a camera. The features of the watch are superb but the poor battery makes it all go in vain. It is a great watch if you are a light user.


3. Bluetooth Smartwatch by Sazooy: BEST STANDALONE CAMERA WATCH

The Sazooy smartwatch is an economical watch that provides fantastic features for the price range. The design resembles that of an Apple Watch.

  • 54” LCD screen
  • Front-facing camera
  • Remote camera
  • Standalone watch
  • Make calls and send texts
  • Pedometer and sleep monitor

Looks and feel

As mentioned already, the watch resembles Apple Watch in looks. The watch looks classy and the strap feels premium on the hand.

It offers a sizable screen in a square-shaped dial.

Battery life

The battery life isn’t the one to be bragged at. It lasts for 1 day on average usage.

Standalone usage incurs heavy losses of juice.

Camera quality and features

The presence of a camera in such a petty price tag has stunned us.

The camera hardware in the watch offers just 0.3 mp of images being taken. Yes, we know that the camera quality is low but the results aren’t that bad practically as on paper.

The small camera does a good job of displaying pictures on the small smartwatch screen.

We liked the remote camera feature. By this, you can capture photographs on your smartphone from your watch.

Location of the camera

The camera module lies on the bottom right side. The position makes capturing photos of yourself easier.

What’s more?

This economical piece of gadgetry is filled with many beneficial features.

You can use the watch as a standalone mini smartphone. You can now make calls and text your loved ones with the watch by just sliding in a 2G/2.5G sim.

A sedentary reminder reminds you to keep active while a pedometer records the number of steps throughout the day. The watch also records distance and calories burned. Asleep monitor is also present.

Music lovers can control music (on the smartphone) remotely from your watch.

  • Standalone watch
  • Economical watch
  • 0.3mp camera
  • Remote camera feature
  • Poor battery


The Sazzoy watch is an economical watch for those who want basic features with a decent camera. The battery is a downside but we wouldn’t expect much in the price tag.



The Aeifond watch seems like a sibling of the Sazooy watch. Has identical looks and almost the same features as the Sazooy watch.

  • Square-shaped dial
  • A camera on the front side
  • Activity and sleep tracking
  • Calls and SMS option
  • SD card option and remote music control

Looks and feel

Watch’s resemblance to the Apple Watch and Sazooy watch is uncanny. This watch follows the famous square-shaped dial trend.

The watch can easily be disguised as a high-end watch, at least by the look and the feel of it.

Battery life

We have similar rants here again. The battery hardly lasts for a day and the sim card usage further reduces battery life.

The maximum battery life of 2 days is seen with minimal usage.

Camera quality and features

You will find the camera in a similar position as that of the Sazooy watch. The 0.3mp camera gives blurry photos that look good only on the smartwatch screen. Captured photos can be saved on an external SD card.

The remote camera feature lets you take photos on your smartphone from your smartwatch.

Location of the camera

The lower right corner of the watch is where the camera sits making photo capturing easier.

What’s more?

Stay updated with the world by receiving social media notifications (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter).

Take control of your music playlist from the comfort of the wrist. You can also enjoy music stored on an SD card.

Slide in a 2G sim card and make unlimited calls and SMS to your friends and family.

Pedometer, calorie counter, and sleep tracker, all help you keep track of your activity and stress. The watch can also measure the distance traveled by you.

  • Great value for money
  • 0.3 mp camera
  • Remote camera feature
  • SD card and Sim card option
  • Basic activity tracking
  • A poor battery


This watch is designed as a budget device that offers some decent features. A bigger battery would have increased the rating and sales of the watch. We like the amenities extended for the price tag.

5. VTech Kidizoom DX2 Watch

We have chosen the DX2 watch over the DX watch due to the improved camera setup. Both the devices are great gadgets when compared with each other and other contenders.

The DX2 watch is an ideal watch for kids.

  • Stylish, kid-friendly design
  • Dual camera
  • Action videos and photos
  • Advanced photo editing
  • photo/video sharing option
  • Motion detector games

Looks and feel

The Kidizoom VTech watch is designed according to the liking of a toddler. It comes in two strap colors i.e. black and pink.

The icons are vivid and largeThe built-in, thus attracting the youngsters. The watch has a sleek design and offers splash-proofing.

Watch is ideal for kids aged 4-12 years.

Battery life

The watch is good in the battery department too. It lasts for a good 2 to 3 days. So, your kid can enjoy the watch without running to you for charging it.

Camera quality and features

The smartwatch is one of the best entertainment watches for children. The main reason for this is the superior camera setup.

The device boasts 2 cameras that are packed with beneficial and fun features.

Kids can capture photos and take selfies. In addition to photos, action videos can also be recorded from this great device. Thus, keeping your kids indulged in enjoyable activities.

The ability to edit photos and add fun effects is a plus point. Stamps, frames, and filters can be applied to photos and even videos too.

Location of the camera

The dual cameras are placed ergonomically. One lies on the front side, aiding the capturing of selfies.

The second camera is placed on the side of the watch case. This camera allows the kids to take refreshing pictures of their friends and nature.

What’s more?

Vtech Kidizoom DX2 watch plays a pivotal role in developing the gross motor skills of the toddlers. Involving the kids in augmented reality games helps establish the mental abilities of children. A pedometer records the steps taken by your kid.

Alarm clocks and timers can help kids learn about time and form a routine.

An external SD card can be added to the watch to improve memory status.

  • Attractive design
  • Dual camera
  • Photo/video recording and editing
  • Augmented reality games
  • Poor quality of strap


The Vtech Kidizoom DX2 watch is one of the best watches produced for kids. If your kid loves to have fun and is amazed at taking pictures then this watch is the perfect gift for him.


The next in line is another smartwatch designed for kids. The MeritSoar watch comes with a camera and some pretty cool features for your kids.

  • Robust design
  • Standalone watch
  • The built-in camera allows selfies
  • Supports 1GB memory card
  • Fun interactive games
  • Voice recording
  • Safety features for kids

Looks and feel

The watch is ergonomically designed from a toddler’s perspective. It looks cute and the option of having to choose from 3 different colors (blue, black, and pink) is loved by the kids.

The icons are large and attractive for the kids. The strap is soft and easily adaptable.

Battery life

The watch is capable of lasting for 3 days on average usage by your child. So, the battery is not going to be a hindrance to your child’s entertainment.

Camera quality and features

The camera on the watch looks classy. The camera hardware is strong and allows you to take beautiful pictures. The low megapixel count of the watch may not provide very clear pictures but kids are not as demanding as the tech geeks.

Kids can take photos of their friends and family. Capturing photos is just a touch away.

Captured pictures can be saved to a computer using a micro-USB cable so your memories can be saved forever.

Location of the camera

The top of the watch houses the camera. The midline location of the upper end of the watch is an ideal location for capturing perfect-angled selfies.

What’s more?

MeritSoar watch ensures the entertainment and learning of your child. Interactive games that come pre-installed in the watch. Puzzle games make your kid intelligent. The manufacturers know how to keep the concentration of your toddler.

An alarm clock and calendar aid in the learning of children.

You can slide in a 1GB memory card to store your captured photos. You can also play the stored music thanks to the built-in music player.

You can also slide in a 2G sim card and use the watch as a standalone device.

  • Different combinations
  • Built-in camera (0.3mp)
  • Mp3 player
  • Sim card option
  • Memory card option (1GB card included)
  • Camera quality is not very good


THe MeritSoar watch is an excellent device for the kids. It’s a perfect gift for the kids who like to play games and take beautiful selfies.

7.  Smartwatch by StepFly: BEST DESIGNED CAMERA WATCH

This chap has the best tricks up its sleeves. The features and the price tag of the watch will stun you as they stunned us.


  • Beveled 1.54” screen
  • Ergonomic design
  • splash-proof
  • In-built camera
  • Pedometer and sleep monitor
  • Memory card option
  • Standalone watch

Looks and feel

The watch looks and feels great. You get a pretty solid device for the price.

The speaker is on the front side that imparts a cool look along with great functionality.

The watch is ergonomically designed. The case is beveled that adjusts peacefully to your wrist. The convex design and nanomaterial strap make a good combo.

Battery life

The battery life is just alright. It lasts for a couple of days at max.

Using it as a standalone watch further reduces the juice available.

Camera quality and features

A 0.3mp camera does not represent the greatness of the watch and we had expected a better camera. Anyhow, the 0.3mp is Ok in giving smartwatch-screen level pictures but don’t expect much.

Location of the camera

The camera is ergonomically placed at the top side. The hardware resides in the middle of the upper level of the watch. The placement of the camera is somewhat angled that feels good to watch.

It allows for easy clicking of selfies.

What’s more?

This great-looking mini-smartphone can be used alone without a phone. You can slide in a sim card and use the watch to make calls and send texts.

You can even add a memory card to this sweat-proof device.

A pedometer counts your steps while a sleep tracker counts your hours of sleep.

  • Beveled design
  • Front-facing camera
  • Sim card and memory card option
  • Good screen
  • Lacks health monitoring features
  • Battery quality is poor


The smart gadget from StepFly is an average device with some good unique looks. We liked the beveled case style and the large screen. The 0.3mp is low but is good for the price range.

8.  Smartwatch from Pradory: BEST MODISH CAMERA WATCH

The Smartwatch from Pradory is a modish machine that is liked by men of all ages.


  • Stylish design
  • 54” large screen
  • HD camera
  • Remote camera feature
  • Comfortable strap
  • Pedometer and sleep tracker
  • Memory card and sim card option

Looks and Feel

The watch isn’t very different in looks from other competitors. It offers a square-shaped case that has a nice placement of the camera and the power button.

The TPU material on the strap is light on the wrist.

The 1.54 inches screen provides a good viewing experience. It’s nice to see sizable screens in this mediocre price tag.

Battery life

The battery life sucks. It lasts for a few hours only. You get a maximum of 1 day on standby.

Camera quality and features

This is one of the finest examples of a camera smartwatch. The watch offers a 1.3Mp camera that provides good quality photos (Thank God, we got something above a 0.3Mp).

Another feature of the smartwatch is the ability to control your phone camera from the watch. The remote camera feature is a beneficial one for those who love to take mounted selfies from their phones.

Location of the camera

The camera is located on the side of the watch. Alas! A good camera is not going to help you take selfies.

Anyhow, you can take beautiful shots of nature. It’s a good watch to take on a hike and record your experience.

What’s more?

You can find the basic features of the sim card and memory card support in this watch. So, you can enjoy stored music and images on your smartwatch. You can use the watch for making calls and sending texts.

Sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, and a pedometer are present in the watch for fitness and health monitoring.

The anti-lost feature lets you find your phone in case you misplace it.

  • Large screen
  • 1.3Mp camera
  • Remote camera feature
  • Standalone watch
  • SD card option
  • A very poor battery


The smartwatch from Pradory offers one of the best cameras on the list. The location of the camera promotes capturing pictures of others. We would recommend this if you aren’t fond of selfies. The battery is a downside.


The Padgene DZ09 is a king by all means. It is part of a lot of Best smartwatch lists because of the killer looks and the affordable price tag.

  • 54” Screen
  • 3 Mp camera
  • Remote camera control
  • Beveled case
  • Standalone watch
  • SD card option

Looks and feel

This watch is a typical budget watch with looks similar to the Pradory and other manufacturers.

The square-shaped dial is attractive while the beveled case catches the eye.

The matte silicone strap is comfortable to wear and provides a premium feel.

The company mentions an OLED panel but we highly suspect the authenticity of this claim.

Anyhow the 1.54 inch screen is classy and view-worthy.

Battery life

Like other watches on the list this watch also suffers the plight of a weak battery.

It hardly makes it through the day with battery life nosediving with cellular usage.

Camera quality and features

The petty price tag makes the inclusion of a camera an unrealistic phenomenon. However, it is nice to see companies going an extra mile to lace the customers with an improved device.

The 0.3mp camera is not a very clear one but it is sufficient for the amount you pay.

Remote camera feature allows you to take pictures on your smartphone via a click on the watch.

Location of the camera

The camera is located on the top middle side of the device to facilitate selfie capturing.

The camera is embedded in the beveled aspect of the watch case.

What’s more?

The watch has the standalone feature if you can slide in a working Sim card.

An external SD card can be added to save and view images. You can also play saved music on the watch.

A Pedometer, distance measurer and calorie counter are present to track your fitness.

Sleep tracker is the only medical monitoring feature.

  • Beveled attractive case
  • Soft, premium strap
  • Front-facing camera
  • Standalone watch
  • An economical watch
  • Poor battery life


The Padgene DZ09 is a great watch. The features are very good and so is the price tag. It doesn’t compete with the prodigious devices but it is GOAT of the field it plays in.


The Bluetooth smartwatch from Amokeoo is a great device that offers an above par camera.

  • Unique design with front facing speakers
  • In-built camera
  • Remote camera control feature
  • Music control and player
  • Standalone feature

Looks and feel

The looks of this device are superb. We are attracted towards the front-facing speakers.

The screen size is good too and the strap feels cool.

Battery life

A standby battery time of 2 days is the least wanted for a quality watch.

This watch too only survives a day at max with subsequent decrease in life seen by cellular activities.

Camera quality and features

The watch is a step higher than its competitors. It gives you a High-Definition camera offering 1.3Mp.

We found the camera quality to be good, not impressive.

The remote camera feature is a plus.

Location of the camera

The camera is ideal for selfies. It is located on the top middle portion of the watch. This location allows for a better capturing angle in selfie shots.

What’s more?

You can use the Standalone feature to make calls and send texts.

Receiving social media notifications works like a breeze.

A Pedometer, distance measurer and calorie counter come along the watch. A sleep tracker is also present.

An external SD card can be added to expand memory. You can play music saved on your watch.

In addition to this you can control music playlist on the smartphone too.

  • Good design
  • 1.3MP HD camera
  • Standalone watch
  • SD card option
  • A weak battery


This is a good watch for those who want good quality images from their mini-smartphones.

The price is good, the camera is good and the overall performance is very good.

Conclusion: Announcing the winner

We would like to announce two winners one for the adult section while the other for kids section.

The AllCall GT 4G smartwatch wins the competition in the adult’s watches because of the dual camera setup and the high quality of the cameras offered.

In the kid’s department Vtech Kidizoom DX2 is crowned with victory as it offers features similar to AllCall watch. It also offers 2 cameras that take good pictures.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the remote camera control feature?

Ans:  The remote camera control feature allows you to take photos on your smartphone camera while it is connected to your smartwatch. You can mount your phone on a tripod and click photos by pressing the capture button on your watch.

Q2. Which watch(es) support(s) video calling?

Ans:  The AllCall GT 4G smartwatch and the Vtech Kidizoom DX2 watch support video calling. This is a great safety feature for a kid’s watch.

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