Best Smartwatch For Women 2021 – Fashionable & Stylish Watches

Ladies’ eternal love for jewelry is a fact known to everyone. You don’t fit into the criteria of being a woman if the desire to look good is absent. Let’s be honest. This gender is, in fact, beautiful and prettier as compared to the men and hold all the rights to add something to their beauty.

The physical manifestation of beauty enhancement comprises makeovers, ornaments, and attractive dresses. The field of ornaments is vast, covering everything then embellishes the looks of a woman.

Of all the ornaments, a watch is a pretty necessary material. It is not just a piece of jewelry, rather a functional device. With smartwatches improving in design and function day by day, you ought to own one that suits your personality.

Today we have done some research to help you in deciding what smartwatch to buy. We will save your precious time that you shall spend on surfing the net. Just bear with me, and you shall have your reward.

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A Quick Buying Guide

Before jumping onto the device list of “Best Smartwatches for Women,” you need to have a know-how of what to look for before being decisive.


Women of today’s world are very vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Most of the ladies keep a keen eye over the changing trends in fashion while keeping themselves up to date of designs.

The design of the smartwatch is the primary feature which will be looked for. The primitive ladies’ watches used to have a typical design of a thin strap and a small dial. This design had gained popularity amongst the masses and rightly so.

Similarly, a pink or a golden-colored watch was readily accepted by the women across the globe. This trend continues even today.

With smartwatches, a variety of designs is available. So, it is good for you to be sure of what type of design you acquire before hitting the store.


A good display will enhance your viewing experience. A watch that is able to beat the sun’s intense light is ideal for those who spend days out.

Always-on display proves to be a relief. You don’t have to get into the hassle of pushing buttons or shaking the wrist.

Endurance of materials

If you are habitual of listening to the cracking sound of falling objects, you should select a watch that can bear the drops and provide you peace and freedom.

Waterproofing will come in handy when you do the dishes or hit the pool.


A good battery is the dire need of the hour. Be it any gadget, the battery is the pivotal point for success.

A stratum of the girls is punctual in putting the devices on a charge while the other stratum comprises the lazy females. A good battery is a blessing for both.

Fitness and Health tracking

Since the advent of smartwatches, fitness tracking has become the main selling point of these devices. Fitness freaks can find some benefits in the modern gadgetry that provide different sports modes.

The record-keeping of health data is also a beneficial feature. Some watches provide specific female health data records while some give you generalized health tracking.


Best Smartwatches for Women: Top 10 contenders

The best products in this field are as follows:

  1. Apple watch series 5
  2. Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture
  3. Samsung galaxy watch active 2
  4. Garmin Vivoactive 3
  5. Samsung Galaxy watch
  6. Fitbit versa 2
  7. Michael Kors access gen 4 MKGO
  8. Fossil Gen 5 Juliana
  9. Willful Smartwatch
  10. Michael Kors Access Gen 3 Sofie smartwatch


1. Apple Watch Series 5: The Best Apple Watch

Apple is the trendsetter when it comes to designs. Unisex designs by the manufacturers make usage easy for both the sexes. The beauty of Apple Watch Series is that the watch suits women’s charming wrists as much as it suits the macho hands of men.

Key features

  • Always-on display
  • ECG app with Optical Heart sensors
  • Female health recorder
  • Waterproof
  • Fitness tracker
  • Compass


Apple’s typical square-shaped dial is a trendsetter in the world of smartwatches. A lot of manufacturers have copied the design to gain popularity.  The 40/44mm case sizes will look pretty on your wrist.

The design is gender neutral and compliments both genders alike. The strap is adaptable to your wrist. The Comfort level of this watch is above par.

Endurance of materials

Water resistance of up to 50m is provided. You may go for a swim or do the dishes with this on.

Fitness and Health tracking

A fitness freak amongst the ladies will surely love to have this on his wrist. A pedometer helps you keep a record of the number of steps and laps while you can set targets. Fitness goals can then be achieved with the activity ring. GPS works in co-ordination to record outdoor activity.

Swimming records at different depths are also maintained. Thus, making it an obvious choice for the swimming community.

This watch is an absolute beast in terms of medical facilities. The ECG app allows you to measure the heart rate and heart rhythm.

The watch can keep a record of the menstrual cycle and informs you via the Cycle Tracking app.

What’s more?

A beneficial feature is mobile payment. You can instantly pay for your item with the Apple pay, that too with utmost reliability and security.

An LTE connection makes it superior.

The ease of downloading apps is provided. Apple store is installed in the watch that lets us explore the world of iOS apps.

  • Unisex design Always-on display Period recording app Apple pay facility
  • Battery life is still 18 hours at max Same design as apple watch series 4


This watch brings great display, medical and fitness features under the hood. Women who tend to get a premium device should get it.


2. Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture: The Best Orthodox Design

The Fossil Women’s Gen 4 venture watch gives a tough time to its competitors. The basic ingredients of the watch make it shine bright.

Key features

  • Beautiful round dial in a golden color
  • Powered by Google’s Wear OS
  • Materials resistant to water
  • Fitness and health tracking


If you love the orthodox round dialed design, you will find this particular device very attractive. The dial is prepared in golden color for mesmerizing the young ladies.

The 40mm dial size looks cool with whichever interchangeable band you strap on with.

Endurance of materials

The watch boasts a swim-proof design. If you are a housewife who performs cleaning chores on a daily basis, this watch shall be your companion.

The device can bear up to a water pressure of 3 ATM. So, it allows you a trip to the pool too.

Fitness and Health tracking

The built-in fitness tracker records your workout activities with the utmost ease. You can set your goals and then meet them. Yoga practice and many more workout modes are available.

Ability to download 3rd party apps like Nike Run app helps provide running and walking records with accuracy.

The watch will combine your heart rate data and workout data to give the bigger picture of the state of health.


The battery can extend for days, thanks to the smart battery modes. This is helpful for you if you are lousy at charging the devices timely.

What’s more?

The Wear OS from Google is a special OS for the watches, which is a smooth one indeed. The Google Assistant will be your personal assistant.

Receiving notifications or downloading apps from the Play store is a piece of cake.

Playing music, management of calendar, and customizing watch faces is easy.

  • Great design Swim-proof till 3ATM Fitness and health tracking are good Good battery life
  • No always-on display

Bottom-line This watch from Fossil boasts a Minimalist design. The watch design is best suited for the girly looks.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: The Ultralight Watch

The Galaxy Active watch 2 is a stunning piece of device laced with great features and superb design.

Key features

  • Sleek design
  • Fitness goal setting and recording
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring
  • Good battery


The famous manufacturer conscientiously designs watches according to your comfort. In this particular device, you get an option of selecting between aluminum or a stainless-steel case, which is paired with smooth, light, and easy-to-fit band.

A variety of case sizes is available to suffice your needs. 40mm or 44m case size is available.

The pink-colored case with a similar colored band strapped on provides an elegant female look.


The battery consumption of the machine is noteworthy. The device provides you juice for more than a day after a single charge.

The wireless charger is more of a gimmicky feature.

Endurance of materials

The watch is waterproof.

Fitness and Health Tracking

The watch is worth every penny in terms of fitness recording. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has the ability to actively track mainstream fitness activities. This includes walking, running and swimming, etc.

With the S Health app, you can easily observe how your heart rate lines up with your fitness activities. It continues to measure the rate for 24 hours and instantly informs you of any abrupt drops in heart rate.

The sleep recorder given is uncanny. It accurately records your depth and duration of sleep. Then uses an algorithm to measure the stress levels of your body.

What’s more?

Bixby is there as your personal assistant. Bixby shall listen to your commands and may read out texts for you and carry out many more tasks.

With Samsung Pay, mobile payment is on board. Forget carrying a clutch when you have this beast on your wrist.

To ensure entertainment services to you, the Samsung Galaxy Watch active 2 allows streaming Spotify and YouTube.

  • Sleek and light design Good workout modes Health recorder is great Samsung Pay
  • A very primitive Smartwatch design

Bottom-line This Samsung Watch is an ideal buy for the ladies looking for a typical Smartwatch design with excellent health and fitness recording.


4. Garmin Vivoactive 3: Best Fitness Watch by Garmin(Amazon Choice)

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a watch straight out of heaven. The manufacturers have literally packed everything in this tiny gadget.

Key Features

  • Waterproof up to 50m
  • 15 sports apps
  • Fitness tracking with Oxygen level measurement
  • Mobile payment by Garmin Pay


The Garmin watch is more of a function then esthetics. It comes with a decent 1.2-inch round dial that will surely please the eyes of ladies.


The battery is made to last a whole good week of activity.

Endurance of materials

The watch is perfect for outdoor wear and tear. The Corning Gorilla glass protection adds extra durability to the watch

This stylish wristwatch has some cool tricks up its sleeves. The very watch is capable of resisting water to a depth of 50m. It records the swimming data with ease and authenticity.

Fitness and Health Tracking

The fitness tracking here is spot-on. A multisport watch needs to have a good fitness tracker and health monitor. The fitness app works in conjunction with GPS to give you outdoor walk data.

It records steps, laps, and duration of different workouts. It can record the strokes, reps, sets, and laps. Yoga and swimming record is a piece of cake for it.

The uncanny feature of the watch is Oxygen saturation measurer, which gives you an idea of your fitness level after workouts. A heart rate monitor is also present. Heart Rate Variability tracker calculates your stress levels.

What’s more?

The particular wrist gadget gives a good week-long battery with some very useful features. Customization is as easy as it gets. After pairing with your phone, it lets you stay connected to the social media world.

The Garmin Pay app allows you to pay for your morning coffee without the heed of carrying a purse along.

  • Good sports modes Waterproofing till 50m Good for use in the shower or washing Seven days of Battery life Affordable price
  • A very basic design of the watch

Bottom line This is a multisport watch, good for frequent underwater exposure. A complete package with an affordable price tag.


5. Samsung Galaxy Watch: The Strongest Feminine Watch(Best Seller)

This Samsung Galaxy Watch is a shining example of a feminine watch. It rightly deserves its spot in the Best Smartwatches for Women list.

Key features

  • Beautiful design
  • Waterproofing
  • Fitness tracking
  • Bixby and IoT
  • Samsung Pay


I can assure you of the fact that how hard you may try, you can’t keep your eyes off this ultimately gorgeous piece of machinery.

The Rose golden dial is nothing but elegance that can be paired with a pink strap to look ultra-premium.

A variety of straps are also available to choose from.

Endurance of materials

The world is a harsh place, especially for women. This device is as tough as you. Military standard durability will give you peace of mind.

Waterproofing of up to 5 ATM of water pressure is also a sigh of relief.

You can do whatever you want you. Nothing can stop you from spelunking or from hitting the pool as the watch is built to endure.

Fitness and Health tracking

The watch encourages ladies to live a balanced life. With this watch achieving a balanced life routine is easy.

The watch is your personal fitness coach who keeps records of your walking and running, etc. It motivates you to keep moving while keeping an eye on the calorie intake.

The ladies have a knack for the sweet. It shall note your sweet tooth craving and plan your workout accordingly.

Sleep tracking is top-notch.

What’s more?

The watch keeps you up to date with your schedules.

If you love to roam around without the hassle of a purse, you shall admire the Samsung Pay feature. This allows you to pay for the muffin and the newspaper.

A unique feature is the IoT that wirelessly controls robotic home appliances in a smart house. You can give commands to the TV, Vacuum Cleaner or the air conditioner. That is leisure at the max.

  • Pleasing Rose Gold dial Military standard durability Fitness tracking Samsung Pay IoT for controlling home appliances
  • Lacks advanced medical monitoring

Bottom-line This is one fine watch which shall suit the need of every woman.


6. Fitbit Versa 2: The Best Swimming Watch for Ladies(Amazon Choice)

The Fitbit Versa 2 watch is a powerpack of features. Of the many notable features, waterproofing is an eminent one.

Key Features

  • Always-on display
  • Waterproof up to 50m
  • Fitness tracking
  • Good battery


The Fitbit Versa 2 edition of the watch resembles the Apple watch Series in design. The Petal/Copper Rose-coloured dial is absolutely stunning.

You can put on any strap you want. The combination of the dial with a pink colored strap makes it look brilliant.


This watch has many feathers in the hat. An AMOLED screen which has the Always-on functionality is one of them.


The battery compartment does justice to the price by providing a battery life of 6 days at max.

Endurance of materials

Of all the durability factors, the waterproof capability of the watch is noteworthy. This is designed according to the needs of swim-lovers. The watch can withstand a good depth of 50m into the water. This means swimming in the pool wouldn’t be a problem.

Fitness tracking

The Fitbit versa 2 has a complete Fitbit premium program that sets goals for you to reach an ideal weight. This feature can be beneficial if you are fighting through post-delivery weight gain. The fitness app measures your calories and different fitness activities and combines the heart-rate monitors to inform you of the changes with exercise.

Different modes of fitness tracking, like steps climbed, cycling and running, etc., are present. Thus, it is a complete package for the physique conscious.

What’s more?

The watch has a good battery that lasts for about six days. A voice assistant and mobile payment option add to its capability.

Amazon Alexa, the voice assistant, follows commands and also reminds you of exercise. The Fitbit Pay app is a relief if you forget your wallet at home.

  • Waterproofing till 50m Always-on display Good battery The fitness tracker is nice
  • Fitbit premium app requires payment for working

Bottom-line This is a great watch for fitness tracking and using in the water with a reasonable price tag.


7. Michael Kors Access Gen 4 MKGO: The Best Stylish Design Watch(Amazon Choice)

Michael Kors is a famous brand that produces ladies’ ornaments and accessories. Their attempt at producing smartwatches has been fruitful.

Key features

  • Swim-proofing
  • Fitness tracking
  • Health Monitor
  • Google Pay


When purchasing a Michael Kors watch, there is a whole world of design options. You can pick between different colors of dials and bands which are available.

Pink, black, red, and golden dials will stand out in the crowd. The dial is made out of the lightweight metal, i.e. aluminum, and is round in shape.


The battery may not be amongst the best, but it can still manage to last a day easily. The battery may be extended to 2 days with the low power mode.

Endurance of materials

The case is strong and will easily bear normal routine usage. The watch provides you waterproofing too. It can resist water up to 30m of depth, allowing swimming in shallow water.

Fitness and Health tracking

The Michael Kors watch is powered by the mighty Google OS. A vast field of options and applications are seen in this OS.

The Google Fit app is apt for the fitness freak ladies. Nowadays, a lot of ladies hit the road to keep themselves active and fit. Thanks to the fitness tracker in the watch, you, too, can do your favorite exercise with peace.

Heart rate is also recorded conjoined with the activity data. GPS services help in recording the outdoor activities.

Provided the great water resistance, the watch can handle swimming easily and can also record it accurately.

What’s more?

Receiving notifications, managing calendars, and controlling the music is a child’s play.

Customizable watch faces and alarm settings are also among salient features of the watch.

When you return from a 5-mile jog and are tired to the bones, an organic drink is necessary to cherish you. But you can’t carry your purse around during the strenuous activity? This watch provides the ultimate solution. With the Google Pay app, you can pay for the drink via mobile payment.

Google’s assistant is also available at your disposal.

  • Variety of dial/band colours Waterproofing till 30m Heart-rate and activity tracking are good Google Pay Google Assistant
  • No always-on display No advanced health monitors

Bottom-line The Michael Kors watch is for those who seek a premium design with decent features and a reasonable price tag.


8. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Stainless Steel Watch: The Classy Watch

This version of the ladies’ watch from the fossil family is sheer class. The watch provides breathtaking performance with a brilliant design.

Key features

  • Golden colored round dial
  • Multiple day battery
  • Improved heart rate and activity tracking
  • Google Assistant
  • Google Pay


A good design is pivotal in deciding the watch. The ladies are more skeptic in choosing a modish wearable.

A variety of dial designs are available. The golden-colored round dial will compliment your white skin. A plain golden design, along with a beaded golden dial, can be seen.

A case size of 44mm will appeal to everyone’s eye.

The watch is a package of elegance on which different straps can be latched on.


The battery is devised to last for a number of days, thanks to the different smart battery modes available.

Endurance of materials

Fossil gen 5 Juliana watch offers resistance to water. Increasing water pressures eventually lead to forcing of water into the body of the watch. This particular watch is strong in resisting its influx until a water pressure of 3 ATM.

Fitness and Health Tracking

Google Fit app is your personal health coach and tracks your movement with accuracy. Outdoor jogs or walks will now be kept in the record of the watch.

An improved heart-rate sensor on the device works in co-ordination with the fitness app and provides you with precise and accurate data regarding your heart.

What’s more?

Google’s  OS, i.e. the Wear OS, is a powerpack of features. A personal assistant by Google follows your commands and can read out messages, notifications for you.

Google Pay allows mobile payment using NFC. Carrying a hefty purse is now a thing of the past.

Downloading third-party apps from Google Play Store and receiving notifications is a possibility too.

  • Beautiful round dial Waterproof watch Advanced Heart-rate sensor Mobile payment via Google Pay
  • No AMOLED Always-on display

Bottom-line The Fossil Gen 5 Juliana is the latest piece of gadgetry from Fossil. It is a stunning device with an appealing design for the ladies.


9. Willful Smartwatch: The Best Battery Watch

The Willful Smartwatch has a unisex design that resembles the Apple Watch Series. The stuff hidden in this small device justifies its position in the list of Best Smartwatches for Ladies.

Key features

  • Square-shaped Apple-like design
  • Seven days+ battery life
  • Waterproofing
  • Fitness and health tracker
  • Multisport mode


Willful has provided a unisex design of a smartwatch. It suits the ladies as much as it does to the gents.

The dial size and design are a treat for the eyes, while the bands are exemplary in the provision of comfort.


The very gadget liberates you from the hassle of frequent charging by providing a battery life of more than a week. This may extend to 10 days even.

The battery can last for a month when on standby. Sounds too good to be true

Endurance of materials

The watch fills every corner of requirement with its sheer brilliance. The materials are durable, with an IP68 rating in waterproofing. You can take this watch along when you visit the beach.

An IP68 rating means you can take a plunge into the pool completely carefree of the watch.

Fitness and Health Tracking

In most cases, fitness and health tracking go hand in hand. A multisport mode means you can play a variety of sports and can receive your activity data in a snap of the fingers.

Sports mode covers 14 different activities. This paired up with the pedometer and calorie counter proves to be a very useful feature indeed.

A 24/7 heart-rate monitor keeps you up to date of your coronary condition.

The added feature of Female Health Tracker is a blessing for the ladies. Now you can keep track of your period cycles and easily note any changes.

A sleep-tracker that also measures the stress seals the deal for you.

What’s more?

Getting calls and message alerts is smooth and without interruptions.

You can play music online. You can also monitor your laps using the stopwatch available.

  • Good design Immensely large battery Waterproofing Multisport mode
  • No always-on display Lacks mobile payment option

Bottom-line This a robust device with subtle features. Fitness tracking with the multisport mode paired with elaborate health monitoring gives you ultimate control over your own body.


10. Michael Kors Access Gen 3 Sofie smartwatch: The Minimalist Design Watch

Michael Kors puts a lot of effort in producing items that are immensely attractive. This watch is no exception to that claim.

Key features

  • Stainless-steel case with clear stones on bezels
  • Water resistance to 1 ATM
  • AMOLED display
  • Powered by Wear OS
  • Activity and Goal Tracking


If the design of this particular watch doesn’t appeal to you, I don’t know what will.

The watch has a unique and extremely charming make. The clear stones on the bezels give it a tidy and premium look. This feature is enhanced with its lightweight.

Your beautiful wrists will look even more beautiful with this watch atop. The watch is brains with beauty.

The fashionista ladies can match straps and be the center of attention of every party.

The case size of 42mm with thin bands of 18mm put this watch in the category of most beautiful designs for ladies’ smartwatch.


The AMOLED display ensures a crisp and bright display. The AMOLED screen helps enhance battery life too.

Endurance of materials

Despite being light in weight, the materials used to make a Michael Kors Access 3 Sophie Gen are strong and sturdy.

Waterproofing up to 1 ATM of water pressure means its safe for occasional dips in the water. However, swimming with the watch is not recommended.

Fitness and Health tracking

The basic features of Activity tracking are available in full bloom. You get a pedometer and calorie tracker. Google Fit is capable of measuring fitness.

GPS is used to figure out your location and also aids in recording outdoor workout data.

Multisport tracking is also present.

The watch is also capable of measuring your sleep activity and inform you of your daily sleep requirements.

What’s more?

Customizable watch faces are present. You can select a watch face according to your mood.

  • Big round dial AMOLED display Interchangeable stylish straps Waterproofing till 1 ATM Fitness tracking
  • No heart-rate sensor Lacks mobile payment option

Bottom-line The Michael Kors Gen 3 Sophie watch is for the style-conscious ladies. This has a minimalist design with great looks.

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Conclusion: The Winner and the Runner Up

In this war between candidates aiming for winning the hearts of the ladies, Apple Watch Series 5 comes out victorious. This watch is a perfect combination of beauty and brains. The typical Apple design suits the persona of the ladies and is bundled with immensely useful features.

The AMOLED Always-on display bundled with the optical heart sensors gives this watch an upper hand over its competitors.

The runner-up in today’s competition is the Fossil Gen 4 Venture watch. With its original and unique design and superb performance skills, the Gen 4 watch will also win many female hearts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are the watches compatible with Android and iOS?

Answer: The Apple Watch Series 5 is only compatible with iOS, while the rest of the watches are compatible with Android and iOS both.

Q2. What does a Pulse Oximeter do?

Answer: A Pulse Oximeter uses a light directed towards the skin to measure the Oxygen concentration in the blood.

Q3. Can the medical monitoring data be used for medical purposes?

Answer: The data recorded is medically correct but should not be used in medical diagnosis.