Best Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth in 2021

There are a number of fitness devices out there. However, the most prevalent gadgets for measuring your activities are Bluetooth smartwatches and trackers.

These trackers are advanced and provide excellent fitness tracking features but there some associated side effects.

Ionizing radiations from Bluetooth devices can lead to deterioration of DNA and thus increase the risk of cancer.

Therefore, some people prefer keeping them safe from the harms of Bluetooth. But their lust to keep track of their fitness activities puts them in a unique position.

Suppose you are such a fitness freak but don’t want penetration of radiations into your body. In that case, this article will be extremely beneficial for you as we bring you fitness trackers that work without Bluetooth.

Buying Guide

Design And Display

Fitness trackers without Bluetooth are simple in design. Unlike Bluetooth smart trackers, an AMOLED or an LCD screen isn’t expected, but the tracker’s digital screen should be clear for easy visualizing.


A good tracker should have 3D sensors. Nowadays, advanced fitness trackers come with 3D TriAxis sensors. The presence of these sensors means you can carry them as you like.

You can wear them as a bracelet, or as a watch. You may also clip them on your pants or carry it in your pocket.

Battery life

A good battery is everyone’s demand. Most of the trackers have non-chargeable batteries that are replaceable.

Fitness Tracking Features

Trackers without Bluetooth connectivity are simple and usually don’t offer much, but a pedometer is a must. Calories burned and distance traveled should also be calculated by an ideal non-Bluetooth fitness tracker.

Additional fitness recording features are a plus.

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Top 10 Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth 2021

There are a lot of tech reviews that discuss smart trackers that can work without Bluetooth but come with the hardware inside.

This analysis contains solely those devices that are completely void of the Bluetooth technology and, therefore, properly designed for radiation-phobics.

After some thorough research, we have short-listed the best non-Bluetooth fitness trackers for you:

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 Best Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth 2021

1. Willful Fitness Tracker: The Best Non-Bluetooth Fitness Watch

Willful brings the most advanced gadgets to your hands with the most reasonable price tags. The Willful Fitness Tracker Non-Bluetooth is also a great initiative from the manufacturers.

  • Colored screen
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Pedometer
  • Distance and calorie counter
  • Waterproof

Design And Display

The Willful fitness tracker is a true fitness tracker in its looks and design. The tracker boasts a colorful display that is attractive for all ages but more for the youngsters. The strap is made up of medical TPU material, so it fits smoothly on the wrist.

The tracker also offers IP68 waterproofing.


The Willful tracker comes with 3D sensors. So, activity tracking is going to be accurate.

You can find the advanced 3D Tri-Axis sensor inside the tracker.

Battery life

This latest version of the watch lasts for a good seven days on average usage. You will find around a month of standby time too.

Fitness Tracking Features

An accurate pedometer is present in the watch. This simple device also does a fine job of recording the distance traveled. The gadget gives you an idea of the number of calories burned, too, so you can plan your food uptake wisely.

Charging the tracker is easy. You can insert it into any USB port to charge.

The sleep monitor comes in the watch too.

  • Good display
  • Accurate fitness tracking
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Economical watch
  • The watch suffers a little in recording time.


The Willful Fitness Tracker is an environmentally friendly smart tracker. It provides accurate fitness tracking. This is an ideal device for those who don’t carry a smartphone or want to stay safe from electromagnetic radiation.

2. Casio Runner Watch: Swimmers’ Choice For A Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

The Casio Women’s Runner Watch is a digital watch. Casio is a known brand in the mechanical watch world.

  • Digital display with LED light
  • Water-resistant (100m)
  • Quartz movement
  • Step counter and lap recorder
  • 3-axis accelerometer

Design And Display

Casio Women’s Runner watch is a pure digital watch by all means. You get a digital display that illuminates at the press of a button, thanks to the LED light inside the watch.

The screen shows three different sections on the screen. All the data is displayed in these sections.

It’s a robust device that you can use underwater. The watch is capable of resisting water till 330 feet depth.


Casio watch has used a 3-axis accelerometer to determine the direction of movement and your velocity of the movement. Due to the advanced accelerometer, you get accurate measurements.

Battery life

The battery is non-chargeable and can last for months without replacement.

Fitness Tracking

The digital watch provides you an accurate pedometer. This is not the best of the pedometers, but the users are jubilant over its accuracy.

You can get a step counter graph on the device. Athletes train by observing and improving their performance in laps. So, to facilitate them, the watch records data of 200 laps too.

Stopwatch and countdown timer can also help the trainers.

  • Sturdy watch
  • No harmful blue-light emitting screen
  • Pedometer
  • No hassle of charging
  • Lacks distance and calorie counter


The Casio Runner’s Women Watch is designed for the ladies seeking a simple watch with fitness features. The ladies get a digital watch and a pedometer inside a waterproof watch that is free of harmful electromagnetic waves.

3. OZO SC2 Pedometer: The Latest Fitness Tracker

This is a fitness tracker sheerly designed for the purpose of tracking your activity. The OZO SC2 Pedometer is an economical and compact fitness tracker that can be used in different ways.


  • Large screen and compact size
  • Advanced Tri-Axis Sensor (3D)
  • Pedometer
  • Distance and calorie counter
  • 7-day memory of data

Design And Display

OZO SC2 also resembles a pager device. It offers a large screen that displays your activity record.

The design is simple. It has only three buttons the set, reset, and mode.

There is a clip on the backside of the pedometer. The clip allows you to attach the device to your waist, parts of clothing (purse, ankle, shoes, and bra, etc.), or even to ladies’ handbags.


The pedometer is ergonomically designed to play its role. It comes with a 3D TriAxis Sensor, which is famous for its accurate results.

There is a built-in clock, too, that lets you have an idea of the time.

Battery life

This gadget comes with a replaceable battery that lasts for a long. So, unlike the Bluetooth fitness trackers, you don’t need to carry a charger around.

Fitness Tracking

The fitness tracking feature of the device is accurate. It accurately tracks your steps and measures the distance traveled too. The number of calories burned in lieu of the activity is also recorded.

This great device is capable of keeping a record of 7 days of your activity.

  • Concealable design
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Advanced and accurate sensors
  • The clip is strong
  • Lacks an illumination option
  • Memory data are available for seven days only.


The Pedometer is a smart device with a strong clip. It can be easily concealed. The OZO SC2 does a perfect job of recording your activity thanks to the advanced 3D sensors.

4. OZO Fitness SC 3D Pedometer: The Best Fitness Data Keeper

OZO Fitness SC 3D is another attractive device from manufacturers. It offers a charming and sleek design. It has some advantages over the OZO SC2 but lacks in some points.


  • Large display
  • Comes with removable clip and Lanyard cord loop
  • Long battery lats for one year
  • Advanced fitness tracking
  • Long memory (30 days)

Design And Display

It offers some better features in design as compared to the SC 2. The screen is large, and buttons lie on the side, so you get an unaltered view.

It offers a loop on the side to which a Lanyard cord can be attached.

A lanyard cord is a long string that is an additional wearing option. The cord is included in the box.

The pedometer comes with a removable clip that can help you conceal the device in your pocket or attach it to your clothes.

You can wear it on your wrist or as a bracelet. It is available in 4 different colors, i.e., black, blue, pink, and gray.


This sleek device is equipped with advanced 3D Tri-Axis sensors that record your movement data accurately.


This fitness measurer offers a long coin battery. The company claims that the gadget can last for a year.

Fitness Tracking

It tracks the steps taken with the distance measured. The number of calories burned is also recorded precisely. Your mileage is also accurately recorded by the pedometer.

This device can store your activity data for 30 days, contrary to 7 days offered by SC 2.

This very gadget keeps track of time too.

  • Good design
  • Lanyard and removable clip included
  • Advanced fitness tracking including mileage
  • 30-day memory of fitness data
  • Understanding the working can be a little confusing


The SC 3D pedometer is a decent device from OZO. It does what it is meant to do. Measures your fitness data and stores it for 30 days. We liked the design because it offers a removable clip and comes with a Lanyard cord for easy carrying.

5. Mijiaowatch Non-Bluetooth Pedometer Watch: A Classy Non-Bluetooth Fitness Watch

Mijiaowatch is an easy-to-wear pedometer device that is void of any harmful radiation. It is safe to use and a stylish watch.

  • Stylish design with built-in LED light
  • 3D sensors
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Advanced Fitness Tracking
  • USB charging

Design And Display

The Mijiaowatch resembles a smart fitness tracker and is ideal for those who seek a good-looking device without the harms of electromagnetic radiation.

The pedometer is a round device that fits nicely into the comfortable band. You can get the watch in 4 different colors.

The screen is large and displays time/date and activity data in digital format.

It provides adequate protection against water. The device is IP68 waterproof.

Viewing your steps in the dark is not a problem for this watch, thanks to the built-in LED light.


The watch is capable of noting every movement of yours, thanks to the 3D sensors residing inside the watch.

Battery life

The Mijiaowatch offers a good battery life. Users are satisfied by the battery that lasts for 10-15 days.

Charging the watch is easy. All you have to do is plug the watch into any USB for charging.

Fitness Tracking Feature

With this watch on your hand, no activity will go unnoticed. The smart gadget accurately measures your steps and the distance measured as a result of those steps.

A calorie counter measures the number of calories burned too.

In addition to the fitness tracking, you also get a time/date viewer and the ability to set the alarm. An internal vibrator shall wake you up at the set time.

  • Watch design
  • Good screen
  • Waterproof
  • Accurate fitness tracking
  • Records fitness data for a short period (1 day only)
  • The instruction manual is poorly written.


The Mijiaowatch non-Bluetooth tracker is a pleasant looking watch. The pedometer is accurate, and the battery life is good too.

6. 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter: A Premium Fitness Tracker

The users love the 3D FitBud Pedometer. It comes with a charming and slim design.

  • Slim and sleek design
  • Shipped with Lanyard cord and removable clip
  • Good, large display
  • Simple and easy to use
  • 12 months battery

Design And Display

The 3D FitBud pedometer is available in 4 different colors. We found the black to be the most classy.

It boasts a large display, and the digital display of the pedometer is sharp and pronounced. You get one of the best displays.

It has a hook on the side for the Lanyard cord that comes in the box.

You also receive a removable clip that enables attaching the pedometer to your bag or clothing.


This gadget is laced with the latest 3D TriAxis sensors that better measure pace and distance traveled.

Battery life

A hefty battery accompanies this great device. You can peacefully use this particular gadget for a good 12 months before replacement.

Fitness Tracking features

The easy-to-use pedometer has your back when you go for a walk or a jog. It accurately measures the number of steps by you during your course of fitness regime.

In addition to the step counter, the advanced pedometer provides you calorie and distance counter too.

So, you get an overall activity recorder in this gadget.

  • Clean design
  • Large display
  • Lanyard cord and removable clip
  • Accurate fitness tracking
  • Battery dies out sooner than claimed
  • A little overpriced


The 3D FitBud is a fitness buddy that accurately tracks your steps, calories, and distance. The design is in line with the 2020 devices. The device is slim and sleek but a little overpriced. Anyhow, this is a great pedometer that has a Lanyard cord and removable clip inside the packing.

7. Realalt 3DTriSport Waling 3D Pedometer: The Most Stylish Fitness Tracker

The Realalt 3D pedometer is an example of brilliance. There is a myriad of users that are all praise for this step counter.

  • Simple device
  • Advanced 3D sensors
  • Lanyard cord and removable clip
  • 30 days of data backup
  • Accurate fitness tracking

Design And Display

The design is simple. It has a nice screen, but the screen and buttons share the face of the watch. You get “Mode,” “Set,” and “Reset” buttons on the front. It covers up the screen area but makes it easier to set up the device.

The watch comes packed with a removable clip and a lanyard cord.

You can clip it onto any moving object that you carry or even your clothes to record the steps taken. The lanyard cord makes it easy to wear it as a bracelet.


You dont need to worry about the sensors because you get the advanced 3d TriAxis sensors. It gets an idea of your location and accurately records your activity.

Battery life

The coin battery of the device is made to last for 12 months before replacement.

Fitness Tracking Feature

The device, like all other devices of the group, accurately records the number of steps taken. You can also check how many calories you have burned along with the distance traveled during the jog.

The bracelet does a great job of recording the data and also at keeping it. It keeps your fitness data for 30 days. So, you can quickly check your progress since the start of the month.

  • Simple to setup
  • Accurate 3D sensors
  • Comes with Lanyard cord and removable clip
  • 30 days of data backup
  • The removable clip is not strong and falls off


The Realalt 3DTriSport Pedometer is a device liked by many and rightly so. It does a wonderful job of recording the steps, distance, and calories burned. This is stylish enough to be bragged about.

8. iGANK Simple Walking Pedometer: Tiniest Fitness Tracker

This is a miniature device that serves the purpose pretty well. This is just a pedometer that calculates your steps efficiently.

  • Cool, small design
  • 3D Tri-Axis Sensor
  • Only pedometer
  • 12-months long battery

Design And Display

iGANK is a pretty small device and is designed for those who hate bulky products. It offers a cone-shaped structure. You will find a digital screen on the top and space underneath that is made into a hook. So, it doesn’t need a lanyard cord or clip as it can be hooked up easily to your tracksuit or your bag.

The pedometer comes in 5 different colors.


The device is laced with the latest and the most advanced 3D TriAxis sensors.

Battery life

The Pedometer is shipped with a coin battery that can be replaced easily. However, you won’t need to replace the battery for a whole year (at least the company says this).

Fitness Tracking features

The small pedometer is just a step counter. It lacks a distance measurer and a calorie counter too.

So, you get only a pedometer that is accurate.

This is the device for those who just want to follow the 10,000 step rule.

  • Economical
  • Built-in hook
  • Good battery
  • Advanced sensors
  • Lacks distance counter and calorie measurer


The iGANK is an impressive and compact device suitable for those who dont carry their phones with them and want a tiny device. It records steps only.

9. PINGKO Pedometer: Cute Fitness Tracker With Additional Features

The PINGKO Pedometer is a cute pedometer that is a reliable device. The pedometer is a hefty one, but the specs are decent.

  • Large display
  • Simple to use
  • Fixed clip design
  • 12-months long battery

Design And Display

The PINGKO pedometer is a bulky device but does a fine job. The screen is large, and the display is easily readable.

The buttons on the device resemble the ones found on the old Nokia 2300 phone.

It has a fixed clip that allows a firm grip on clothes and bags, belts, etc.


We didn’t find the advanced 3D Sensors in this particular gadget, but the present sensors’ overall performance was appreciable.

Battery life

This gadget comes with a replaceable coin battery that has the capability ot last for a year.

Fitness Tracking features

In addition to the pedometer, you also find a distance measurer and an accurate calorie counter.

The PINGKO pedometer takes fitness tracking a set ahead as you can record your pace and mileage too.

It keeps the fitness tracking data for seven days. So, you can easily view your week’s progress.

  • Good and large display
  • Has a fixed clip
  • Tracks steps, measures distance and calories burned.
  • Records pace and mileage
  • Very economical
  • Lacks advanced 3D sensors
  • The buttons are not good.


The PINGKO pedometer is a simple and conventional type of device. It does a fine job of recording your steps and the pace at which you travel. You can also keep track of the distance traveled, and calories burned for seven days. The fixed clip is solid for many.

10. Fanmis Pedometer Watch: The Macho Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

The Fanmis Pedometer Watch is a modish wrist device that lets you have data of time and your activity both.

  • Large, round dial
  • Comfortable to wear
  • LED light for screen illumination
  • Pedometer
  • Shock and waterproof (50m)

Design And Display

It is a manly watch that displays the time and activity data. The dial of the watch is extensive, and we liked the roundness.

The digital display can be illuminated in pitch black, thanks to the in-built LED light.

The watch stands strong against shocks and water. You can take it for a swim with you as it allows water resistance to a depth of 50m.


There is a simple pedometer residing inside the watch. This is a digital watch and not a pedometer device, yet the measurements are accurate.

Battery life

The watch supports a replaceable coin battery that can last for months if not for a year.

Fitness Tracking features

The Fanmis Pedometer watch is capable of recording the number of steps taken. This is a digital chronograph watch but with a tincture of fitness tracking.

It doesn’t record distance traveled and calories burnt in the course of your workout. However, you get a stopwatch and an alarm clock.

  • Good design and LED
  • Coin battery
  • Pedometer
  • Shock and water-resistant
  • Economical watch
  • The dial may feel too large for some people.


The Fanmis Pedometer watch is a fashionable digital watch that contains a pedometer too. It looks great as a sports watch and has an LED for illumination of the screen at night. The manly watch records your steps accurately.

Final Verdict: The Winner

The Willful Non-Bluetooth Fitness tracker wins today’s contest because of its modern day shape and excellent features. The Mijiaowatch Non-Bluetooth Pedometer watch is also an exceptional device and is the runner up of this competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can these trackers be connected to a smartphone?

Ans: No, these trackers lack a Bluetooth connectivity option. Therefore, they can not be connected to a smartphone.

There are different effective ankle trackers. To know about them, click here.

Q2. What is a TriAxis Sensor?

Ans: A Triaxis sensor is an advanced sensor that uses three-dimensional data to determine your position, steps taken, and distance measured.

Q3. Are these pedometers accurate?

Ans: There is a lack of studies to prove their efficiency, but they work fine. If you want to know about the accuracy of Fitbit’s, you can click here.

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