Michael Kors Smartwatches – Hybrid Watches For Men Women 2021

Michael Kors is a brand name that needs no introduction. The company named after its owner is a renowned one in the field of fashion and style.

Established in 1981 by Mr. Michael Kors now has stores all around the globe. The wide distribution of the stores worldwide speaks volumes of the bravura of the creator and the quality of the stuff made.

The company is aimed at delivering high-class products in the field of style. Thus, it produces a number of accessories that shall enhance the looks of young men and women. The Michael Kors line up includes handbags, shoes, clothing, watches, and many more items.

The Michael Kors watches are elegant wrist embellishments. The motivated company produces simple analog/digital watches along with a series of smartwatches.

The Michael Kors Smartwatch features design and function that is in line with the fashion trends. It’s a common finding that women are more conscious about the latest fashion trends as compared to men. Though the company produces products for both genders, yet it has an elevated position in the eyes of female fashion pandits.

We have now established the fact that the finesse products from the manufacturer are admirable to have, but is Michael Kors Smartwatch Worth it?

To answer is this question, today, we have brought a Michael Kors Smartwatch Review for you.

Michael Kors’ business strategy is commendable. The company launches most basic to most premium devices for the ease of the customers. In our today’s review of Michael Kors women’s Smartwatches, we are going to review the watches in a sequence, starting from the basic and going to most premium and latest.

Michael Kors Smartwatches For Men & Women 2021

Men’s Watch
Michael Kors Hybrid Smartwatch
  • 45mm case with 22mm band
  • Coin cell battery lasts 6 months
  • No charging needed
  • Water resistant to 50m
  • Fitness tracker
Michael Kors Access Gen 4 Sofie
  • 41mm case with 17mm band
  • Google Pay
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Fitness tracker with untethered GPS
  • Water resistant to 30m
Michael Kors Access Gen 3 Sofie
  • 42mm case with 18mm
  • Rose gold design has attractive clear stones on watch bezel
  • Customizable watch faces
  • Water resistance to 1 ATM
Michael Kors Access Runway
  • Stylish luggage leather strap
  • Music storage and control
  • 41mm dial with 18mm band
  • Heart rate sensor and fitness tracker
  • GPS
  • Swim-proof design
Michael Kors Gen 5 Watches
  • 44m big dial with 20mm band size
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Activity tracker with GPS
  • Swim-proof design, resistance till 5 ATM
  • Receive and make call via Bluetooth
  • Google Pay
  • Google Assistant
Michael Kors Gen 4 Watches
  • 43mm dial with 20mm band
  • Google Fit for fitness tracking
  • GPS for outdoor activity tracking
  • Google Pay
  • Water resistant up to 30m

1. Michael Kors Hybrid Smartwatch: Men’s Watch

The company manufactures a hybrid watch that has the looks of a stylish mechanical watch and the features of the new-age device. This machine is a Michael Kors Bluetooth watch.


The Hybrid Gage watch from Michael Kors looks just like a regular watch. It has quartz movement and a premium leather strap of 22mm. You can change the straps and put on a 22m stainless steel strap too.

The watch comes with buttons on the side of the watch that can be customized for a specific function.


The device has a standard analog watch display, but it can be connected to your phone to pour in smart data. The advantage of this type of watch is that you get a time display 24/7.


It is a hybrid watch and doesn’t need charging, thanks to the coin cell battery that can last for half a year.


As this isn’t a true smartwatch, we don’t see a proper Operating system. The watch boasts features such as water resistance to 50m.

Fitness and Health Tracking

The Michael Kors Access App on the phone synchronizes with the watch to provide you fitness data. This includes steps data, calories burned, and distance traveled.

Sleep tracking is also performed by this hybrid beauty.

Additional features

This device allows you to control music and take selfies using the buttons.


Smartwatch is an ideal buy for the men, so does the Michael Kors Hybrid Gage appeals to the men who seek a tincture of technology within the essential mechanical watches. In addition to the tremendous orthodox looks, the watch is capable of handling fitness data well.

2. Michael Kors Access Sofie Watches

Michael Kors has grasped the knowledge of the basic desire of a lady. To look pretty and to feel gorgeous is the weakness of every woman I know.

In this perspective, Michael Kors developed fancy watches for the ladies. But when technology took over, modifications were necessary. Now, the company came up with a fancy, girly smartwatch and named it the Sofie watch.

The Michael Kors Access Gen 3 Sofie watch gained a lot of popularity amongst the masses. The watch offered substantial features in a price tag of slightly over 250$. To meet the requirements of the changing world, 2019 saw a newer version of the watch, i.e., the access gen 5 of Sofie.


A stunning big round dial is found in the Sofie watches. The Gen 3 Sophie had a 42mm case diameter while the Gen 4 comes with a 41mm size. The 18mm bandwidth makes the dial bigger and more attractive to the eye. In the case of Gen 4, the band width is a millimeter shorter than the predecessor.

The stainless-steel band looks nothing but premium, and the wrist device is lightweight.

The Rose Gold-tone with the bluish pink acetate center links on the band of Gen 3 captivated the audience. Different yet stylish combinations are seen with the Gen 4.


Both the watches offer countless watch faces to suit your mood. The screens are LCD panels.


The Sofie series can last for a whole day after a single charge.


The Sofie series, just like other members of the clan, are powered by the sophisticated Google OS. The OS allows services such as Google Assistant on the Sofie 3.  You can also control music on via your watch while the Gen 4 allows storing of music files too.

With the Gen 4 Sofie watch, you don’t need to carry your wallet around as you can avail of the Mobile Payment option, thanks to the Google Pay feature.

Fitness and Health Tracking

The company’s accurate surveys exposed the shortcomings of the Gen 3 Sofie, which were corrected in the Gen 4. It must be kept in mind that these were not flaws rather some missing elements.

The Gen 3 Sofie is capable of recording your fitness activity. A pedometer on the Gen 3 Sofie measures the number of steps taken along with a calculation of the distance travelled and the calories burned on the course.

Custom goals of activity can be set and achieved on the watch.

The watch lacked a Heart rate sensor that was efficiently accommodated into the later version, i.e., Gen 4 Sofie.

Additional features

You can receive notifications on both the versions of watches. However, the latest one allows you to ignore/accept calls and respond to texts, emails, and make smart replies using the voice assistant, i.e., Google Assistant.

The Gen 4 comes with untethered GPS services as opposed to the tethered one on Gen 3.

The latest device of the series has a better waterproofing as compared to the older one.


The Michael Kors Sofie smartwatch review has lead us to conclude that the Sofie watches are beautiful devices filled with beneficial features. A heart rate sensor and untethered GPS makes the Gen 4, the better Michael Kors fitness watch amongst the two.

The Sofie watch is beauty with brains. An ideal purchase for a modish lot of ladies looking for a useful yet attractive Smartwatch.

3. Michael Kors Access Runway


The Michael Kors Runway watch is the epitome of beauty and class. This watch looks like a present from heaven. The 41mm dial size with the 18mm band makes it a treat to watch and doesn’t make the watch feel clunky.

The golden dial with the leather band gives the watch a premium look. This watch will surely charm you with its looks.


The display is decently bright and catches the eye. Just like the other famous watches, this too boasts a touchscreen with a customizable button on the side.

With numerous customizable watch faces, you can change the way your watch display looks. This gives you the freedom to don an ideal look for every type of gathering.


A 24-hour battery is promised for the manufacturers. A rapid charger makes things easier in charging.

Operating System performance

The tamed Google OS powers this device. A good OS is expected from this device. The watch comes with a better, redesigned Google OS. The OS now provides tons of gestures in order to navigate.

Google OS allows mobile Payment via Google Pay that works via NFC. The side buttons can be used to instantly launch Google Pay.

A personalized assistant Google Assistant is also available. The assistant gives a personalized overview of the day.

Fitness and Health Tracking

The Google Fit app on the watch makes it a Michael Kors Sports watch. The watch measures the steps taken, calories burned, and the distance travelled. So, if you are looking for a fitness watch that looks every bit of fancy, then make this watch yours forever.

In-built GPS tracks your outdoor activities.

A heart rate sensor is effective in tracking your heart rate. If you feel any trouble in heart rate or suffer through arrhythmias, this device can be useful.

Additional features

You can control music from the watch and can set alarms easily.

Social media notifications and text/call notifications on the watch keep you updated.

A swim-proof design allows you to take this prodigious beauty into the pool with you.


The Access Runway from Michael Kors is a stylish piece of jewelry. If a leather strap is your liking, the watch will surely make its way to your wrist.

4. Michael Kors Gen 5 Watches

The Michael Kors 4 and the Gen 5 is like the flagship smartwatches from the manufacturers, owing to the premium features they offer atop the unique strikingdesign.


The Gen 4 is an older version of the series that came with a wide dial of 43 mm and a hefty band width of 20mm while the Gen 5 saw an even bigger dial size of 44mm.

Big is the new better. Keeping in mind the sales and the likings of public for bigger screens on smartphones, Michael Kors made a smart move giving bigger dials. The Gen 4 was big, but the Bradshaw and Lexington version of the Gen 5 are even bigger.

The watches retain their primitive 3 button design that can be customized for different functions.

There are a number of available designs of the watch,but our favorite is the Tri-tone pave and the Gunmetal.


The display is bright, and the option to set between different watch faces makes it more attractive.


Michael Kors Gen 4 lasts for approximately 24 hours, but the Gen 5 watch has multi-day battery modes to enhance battery life.


The balanced and efficient Google OS shows its true colors in the Gen 4 and Gen 5 watches. It provides superb features such as the Google Assistant that is your personal assistant, and performs different tasks on your command.

You can pay wirelessly via the Google Pay app.

A multitude of apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The fast processor, paired with the sophisticated OS, ensures smooth and fast performance.

Fitness and Health Tracking

Google Fit app helps you get healthier and more active. It keeps track of the Move Minutes and gives you Heart Points to track your fitness. This data is utilized to lend you guided breathing so that you can unwind and relax.

Outdoor activity is also recorded by the help of untethered GPS that is present in both the generations of watches. Thus, making it the best Michael Kors Fitness watch.

An accurate heart rate sensor comes incorporated into the watch.

Additional features

You can access Spotify music playlists and even store music on these great sibling devices. The gen 4 comes with 4GB of internal storage while the Gen 5 offers a whopping 8GB.

You can receive notifications of calls, texts, and social media on both the watches, but the Gen 5 watch takes it to the next level by allowing you to receive and make calls via Bluetooth, thanks to the internal speakers.

Both the watches offer waterproofing till 30m of depth, ensuring a swim-proof design. The Gen 5 offers a resistance of up to 5 ATM of water pressure.

Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor and, Gyroscopes come laced with the watches.

What Are The Best Michael Kors Smartwatches?

The modish and fancy watches from the house of Michael Kors are sheer beauty and class. The charming designs and soft, comfortable bands are capable of winning many hearts.

The ladies are head over heels in love with Sophie watches. The macho men and ladies both can enjoy the looks and feel of the Michael Kors Access Watch.

The Michael Kors Gen 5 watch is ideal for people who love to make phone calls from their mini smartphones. Similarly, Gen 4 watch is a nice device for captivating looks and activity/heart rate tracker.

If you are a fan of a primitive-looking watch, the hybrid watch will suffice your needs.

So, we reach the conclusion that Michael Kors watches have something for everyone. The Michael Kors watches are robust devices that are in line with the fashion trends.

Michael Kors Hybrid Smartwatch

“Carrying the primitive looks, imparting the smart features.”

Michael Kors Access Sofie watch

“My residence is the soft girly wrists.”

Michael Kors Access Runway watch

“Your life will get realigned because we have the Google OS redesigned.”

Michael Kors Gen 5 watch

The device is small, but still, you can make a call.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Michael Kors watches work with Android and iOS?

  1. The Michael Kors can pair with Android (4.4 and above) or iOS 9.3 +. However, some features, such as the Bluetooth calling feature won’t work with iOS.

Q2. Can you text from the watch?

  1. Yes, when connected to an Android Phone, the Sophie series and Gen 4/5 can reply to texts on the watch.

Q3. How to charge the Michael Kors Hybrid Watch?

  1. The hybrid watch doesn’t need charging. It comes with a coin battery that can be replaced when worn out.