Best Smartwatch For Making & Answering Calls With & Without Phone 2021

Apple Watch Series 5

“Will empty your pockets to fill your heart.

TicWatch Pro 4G LTE

Screens like you have never seen before.”

Samsung Galaxy Watch S3 Frontier LTE edition

“when making a call, doesn’t do wrong because the watch is strong.”

Samsung Galaxy Watch

premium to wear, the premium to call”

Majipey Android smartwatch

“Save your money, call from me, honey.”

Wzpiss Smartwatch

” Light on the pocket but not on performance.”

Huawei Watch GT 2

“Whether summer or fall, you can make a call.”

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

“Spend some dimes to listen to the rhymes.”

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle watch

“Macho is nature; higher is the stature.”

Padgene DZ09 – Cheap Smartwatch To Make Calls

Basic is design, but calling is fine.”

Man is a social animal that relies on interactions with others to survive. Human interactions are complex and are shaped by our perspective of how others see us. A theory presented by Symbolic Interactionist Herbert Mead proposes that we shape our personality according to the “generalized other.”

Whatever the scenario, all of us rely on calling all our loved ones. Be it a point of emergency or a moment of relief, we call upon the members of our coterie. In hours of despair and periods of happiness, we instantly call our friends and family to break the bad news or share the bliss.

We have seen a whirlpool of evolution. There was a time when letters were tied to the feet of the pigeon (we still don’t know how it worked out). Then post boxes used to deliver love letters from a fighting soldier to his wife.

However, in the advanced world of today, mobile phones are the ultimate source of communication. But this source is facing tough competition. The competitor is a smartwatch.

Yes, you heard it right. Smartwatches now allow you to make and answer phone calls on them. Some of the watches achieve the feat by pairing with a smartphone while others can do it on their own, as a standalone smartwatch.

If you are habitual of making a lot of calls daily and using the phone every time is a hectic ordeal for you, then this article will help you out as we have brought for you a list of smartwatches. Alist of the best smartwatches that can answer calls.

But before we hop onto the candidates, let us just have a look at “what to look for” in a smartwatch aimed at answering calls.

What To Look For Before Buying Smartwatch For Calling?

Bluetooth connectivity:

The watch should pair well with the smartphone. The call quality drops if the connection is weak. Thus, the watch should make a strong Bluetooth connection with the phone.

Speaker and microphone quality:

A caller watch can only survive in the harsh world if it’s capable of proving its wits to stand. For this matter, the watch must have a loudspeaker and a clear microphone, so that no issues during calls.

Battery life:

Making calls from the Smartwatch takes a lot of toll on the device. Thus, a watch with better battery performance should be selected so that it can bear the drainage from answering calls.

Standalone feature:

When purchasing a smartwatch for calling purposes, most of us like to go for a watch that supports a sim card too. If the watch is a standalone watch that comes with a SIM card slot then you can make and answer calls from the smartwatch.

This frees you of the tension of always carrying a smartphone as you can now make calls from the Smartwatch individually.

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8 Smartwatches That Make And Answer Calls Without Phone

The best candidates in the category are as follows:

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Top 8 Smartwatches That Make And Answer Calls 2021

1. Apple Watch Series 5: Best Apple Watch for calling

The prodigious manufacturer makes sure to provide you all the premium features. The trend-setting company provides you with a watch that can be used as a caller watch.

Key features

  • Bluetooth connectivity range of 30-50 feet
  • Waterproof speakers
  • LTE subscription
  • Waterproof watch

Bluetooth connectivity

The Apple Series watch 5 pairs exclusively to an iPhone. Sorry for the android owners.

Apple Watch owners can enjoy a wider range of Bluetooth connectivity. The watch stays connected to your iPhone if it lies in a range of 30-50m.

An additional feature is there to mesmerize you. If you are in your house and the watch and the phone are connected to the home Wi-Fi network, then the watch stays connected even if it is out of the defined range.

So, if your phone is lying on the other phone stuck to the wall charger, and you need to make an important call, the watch will be your savior.

Speaker and Microphone quality

The speaker and the microphone’s performance are above par.

Making calls and receiving them will be a NO-PROBLEM with this feature beast.

The speaker is loud and balanced. As the watch is waterproof, you can make and answer calls even under the water.

This watch is an intelligent device. Once out of the water, you can select the crown option that lets out a loud sound to blurt out all the water, saving it from damage.

Thus, ensuring the best calling experience.

Battery life

The battery life isn’t the best. The watch has a slight up-gradation to the Apple Watch Series 3, but still, it manages to stay awake for 18 hours at max.

Standalone Feature

The watch brags the LTE subscription option. If you want to have an individual watch connection, the Apple Watch will help you out.

You can slide in a 4G LTE sim and make calls and text replies using the watch alone.

What’s more?

Apple watch lives up to the name of the company. The wrist device comes with a crispy AMOLED display that boasts Always-On.

The watch has advanced Optical Heart rate sensors and disciplined fitness trackers. The swim-proof design allows tracking swimming data along with running, jogging, and treadmill, etc.

The famous Apple Assistant Siri will light up your lonely day while the Apple Pay option shall relieve you of the burden of continuously carrying a wallet.

  • A good microphone and speaker quality
  • Standalone 4G LTE Cellular connection
  • Waterproofing
  • Advanced Health monitors
  • Apple Pay
  • Very expensive
  • just 18 hours at max
  • Pairs with just Apple devices

Bottom line: This is for-sure the Best Apple Watch with a sim card option for the iPhone owners. The speaker on the watch is the most advanced among the competitors ensuring an out of the world calling experience.

2. Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE watch: The Unique Screen watch

The Ticwatch Pro 4g LTE watch is a stylish watch that you can use to make calls to your friends and family. The round dial is an exemplary design in the smartwatch world.

Key features

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 4G LTE connection standalone watch
  • Good speaker and microphone
  • Battery mod
  • Google Pay

Bluetooth Connectivity

The TicWatch Pro is a decent device that connects with iPhone and Android devices. The Smartwatch has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The range of Bluetooth is not very impressive. But if you are among those people who are just lousy at taking their phone out of the pocket for answering calls, then this device is made for you.

If the phone is a short distance from the watch, you shall feel no problem in making calls.

Speaker and Microphone quality

The speaker and microphone quality are decent. The speaker is loud and clear but not the best on the list.

The microphone quality is also above par and allows clear sound transmission.

Battery life

The battery modes of the TicWatch Pro 4G smartwatch set it apart. The watch lasts for a couple of days or slightly more on average usage.

In Essential mode, the watch can last for 30 days on a single charge.

A good battery shall motivate you to use the watch for making calls.

Standalone feature

You can use this watch as a standalone watch, thanks to the 4G LTE connection option. You just need a working sim card connection and then forget carrying a smartphone with you.

Use the blazing-fast 4G LTE connection for internet streaming and making crystal clear calls.

What’s more?

This wristwatch is a sturdy device that can withstand dust, shock, and water with assurance from Military grade tests.

A unique dual-layered screen is a major selling point of the watch. An IPS and an AMOLED screen provide you crisp display and good battery-saving modes.

The watch has disciplined fitness and health tracking. Six sports modes bundled with a 24/7 heart-rate sensor and Sleep tracker put the watch in a strong position.

Google Pay allows for mobile payment.

  • Bluetooth connection with iPhone and Android
  • Wi-Fi connectivity option
  • 4G LTE connection
  • Google Pay
  • The speaker quality could have been better
  • The range of Bluetooth is not very impressive

Bottom line: This watch is an all-rounder. It gives you a unique screen and an optimizable battery. The fitness and health tracking are there too. Making calls is easy, but you have to keep the watch close to the phone for a good experience.

3. Samsung S3 Frontier Watch LTE Smartwatch: Best Android Calling watch

S3 Frontier from the house of Samsung is a known device in the smartwatch world. The device is good looking and filled with a lot of features.

Key features

  • Loudspeaker for calls and music
  • Android and iOS pairing
  • Substantial battery life
  • Samsung Pay

Bluetooth Connectivity

The watch pairs with both the famous OS platforms, i.e., Android and iOS.

The range of Bluetooth connection is about 10 meters. This means you can make and receive calls if the watch stays 10m or closer to the smartphone.

You can make and answer calls on the Smartwatch while it is connected to the smartphone.

The watch allows pairing with compatible Bluetooth headphones.

Speaker and Microphone quality

The speaker of the watch is solid. You can enjoy music without any issues.

The speaker is loud and clear enough to handle calls as well. The maximum volume is quite loud, and you can manage to answer calls when in public.

The microphone imparts a good quality sound to the other end too. So, the microphone and speaker combination are ideal for making and answering calls.

Battery life

The 380 mAh battery provides juice for around three days on average usage. A strong selling point of the watch is the battery. However, LTE usage can drastically decrease battery time.

Standalone feature

The LTE variant of the watch is an unlocked version and allows the LTE subscription of most of the network operators. Blazing-fast internet is assured.

You can install a sim card and use the device as a standalone watch.

What’s more?

The watch boasts an AMOLED screen that is embedded in a fancy rotatable bezel. The gimmick is an attractive feature.

The wristwatch has military-grade durability and waterproofing.

Samsung Health is a tamed app that records your activities. Be it running, jogging, or yoga activity, the watch records all with accuracy and precision. GPS works in synchrony with the fitness tracking to note the outdoor activities.

Samsung Pay app allows you to carry out mobile payments without the need to carry a wallet.

  • Clear speaker and microphone
  • Waterproofing
  • Bluetooth pairing with headphones
  • Samsung Pay
  • Lacks advanced heart-rate sensor

Bottom line: The Samsung S3 Frontier LTE watch is a watch with a futuristic design. The rotatable bezel is a gimmick with a useful feature. You can make calls with a loud and clear speaker, and you have the option of pairing the watch with Bluetooth headphones.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch: The Strongest Caller watch

This best-seller watch has features that will lure you into your hearts. The strategy of Samsung is commendable. It comes with pretty impressive features and a famous look.

Key features

  • Bluetooth connectivity with Android and iPhone both
  • Speaker watch
  • 4G LTE connection
  • Fitness and health tracking
  • Samsung Pay

Bluetooth Connectivity

The strategy of Samsung is commendable. The watch can connect with your Android phone.

However, even if you own an iPhone, the watch can give you the amenities everyone enjoys. The watch pairs with the iPhone via Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth range of the Smartwatch is 30 feet. The watch stays connected to the smartphone if it stays in a diameter of 30 feet.

Speaker and Microphone quality

As per reviews from users, the galaxy watches come with excellent speakers. The microphone is also said to be great. You will surely enjoy making and answering calls.

If you are on a morning bus, heading to the bus and the commute is jam-packed with passengers. Now in this situation, if you receive a call from your client, this sticky wicket is uncalled for. You can’t reach your pocket. At this moment, your Samsung Galaxy watch will save you with its loud and clear speaker.

Battery life

The battery life of the very watch soars above its competitors. This Smartwatch phone can last for a few days post a single charge.

Standalone feature

The Samsung Watch supports the 4G LTE connection. Fast network speeds with advanced connectivity will make you aware of a faster world.

The standalone watch that works with a sim offers the freedom to call, text, and stream music from the comfort of your wrist.

What’s more?

The watch boasts an Always-On AMOLED display that is durable to military-grade standards. The watch imparts swim-proof design to 5 ATM of water pressure.

This machine encourages you to lead a balanced life. The fitness tracker working in conjunction with GPS is an efficient one. It tracks your walking, running, and cycling, etc., activities.

Heart-rate monitoring is up to date. This watch automatically detects a shift in heart rate when you switch between workout activities.

Samsung Pay allows you to pay via NFC.

  • Always-On AMOLED display
  • Connectivity with Android and iPhone
  • LTE connection
  • Good battery
  • Samsung Pay
  • A heavy watch

Bottom line:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a strong and sturdy device. If you have a heavy wrist and want to shift to the Smartwatch for making calls, then the watch is made for you.

5. Mahipey Watch: The Economical deal

The Mahipey Watch is an economic addition to the list. This android smartwatch is an absolute hero. It allows making and answering calls along with some more cool features. The upgraded 2020 version is even better.

Key features

  • Make calls via Bluetooth or Sim
  • Connects to Android and iOS both
  • Listen to music
  • Fitness and sleep tracker
  • 2-day battery life

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Mahipey watch is a stylish device and allows you to use the watch with the leading OS platforms, i.e., Android and iOS.

Whatever phone you own, this watch will go along.

You can stay connected to your loved ones by connecting the watch to your smartphone. You can receive/send messages and make calls from the device.

Speaker and Microphone quality

We don’t expect an Apple Watch standard from this economical watch. The dynamics of the speaker and microphone of the watch are impressive.

You can use the speaker to listen to music. And the watch is loud and clear enough to make and receive calls. The microphone, too, is good and clear in transmitting your sound to the other side.

Battery life

Cheap-on-price watches usually suffer at providing a good battery. This watch creates an exception and imparts you juice for two days on average usage.

With the 380 mAh battery, you don’t need to worry about battery life.

However, the battery ratings differ gravely when on standalone mode.

Standalone feature

The watch has the great feature of being used as a standalone watch.

You can use your active sim card connection to put the watch to sole usage. Slide in a sim card and send/receive text messages and calls.

The watch doesn’t offer a blazing-fast 4G LTE connection. But the 2G connection ensures service in almost all parts of the country.

What’s more?

The light-on-pocket watch offers some basic features such as a sleep monitor, alarm clock, and push notifications, including Facebook and Twitter, etc.

The waterproof watch comes with a 1.3Mp camera. The camera allows you to take some selfies. The camera result isn’t the greatest, but that is a cool gimmick at this meager price.

You can also enjoy music and photos (saved on your memory card) by inserting one. It supports up to 32GB of external memory card.

  • 3 Mp camera
  • Connect to Android and iOS both
  • Loudspeaker for music and calls
  • Standalone watch
  • Economical watch
  • No heart rate monitor and advanced features

Bottom line: TheMahipey watch is a fancy watch of 2021 that offers basic features in a basic price tag. If you need a normal smartwatch with the ability to make calls, then wait no more and purchase this.

6. Wzpiss Watch: Money-saver Watch for callers

The Wzpiss Watch is another economical beast. The Wzpiss watch is a prodigious yet affordable device. The features are like most of the competitors, and that too below 30 $ of price.

Key features

  • Texting and call option
  • 2G sim option
  • Breathable and sweatproof strap design
  • Built-in camera
  • Music player

Bluetooth Connectivity

Keeping in mind the petty price tag, this watch pairing with Android and iOS is no less than a wonder.

You own an expensive iPhone or a budget Android phone; nothing can stop you from buying this beauty.

You have to keep the watch in a diameter of 30 feet from the smartphone to make and receive calls on the watch while connected via Bluetooth.

Speaker and Microphone quality

The watch comes with an in-built microphone and speaker. The speaker is loud enough to be used for music playback and answering calls.

The microphone may not be the best amongst the competitors but is decent hardware.

Battery life

The battery life is impressive for the price tag it offers. It can last for more than a couple of days on average usage.

The standalone feature uses more battery. But on normal usage, you can see three days of battery at max.

Standalone feature

The watch offers two options to work. Either a connection with the smartphone via Bluetooth. The watch can pair with Android and IOS. The number of features provided when paired with the iPhone is limited.

The watch can work solely. For this matter, you need to have a 2G sim and a working data connection. A 2G Sim will allow you to receive and make calls from the watch. You can receive texts and reply to your loved ones too.

What’s more?

The watch can receive social media notifications such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp with ease.

The watch has a sleep tracker and fitness tracking facilities. A pedometer on the watch is good for activity tracking. It counts steps and measures the distance and number of calories burnt.

An in-built camera is also available.

The watch has a memory card slot too that supports up to 32GB memory cards. You can store music in mp3 format. You can also store pictures and view them in the image viewer.

  • 2G Sim connection
  • Bluetooth calls via Smartwatch
  • Pedometer and calorie counter
  • Very Economical watch
  • Lacks mobile payment
  • Lacks heart-rate sensor and advanced features

Bottom line: The Wzpiss watch is an affordable all-rounder, which shall suffice your need of making a call via Bluetooth. It’s a minimalist design watch that can be useful for connecting to your parents and wife.

7. Huawei GT 2 Smartwatch: Huawei’s Marvel

Huawei is a known brand in the smartphone world. However, the company doesn’t thrive well in the smartwatch realm. GT 2 is a fine product from Huawei that has helped the company retain some position in the market.

Key features

  • Bluetooth calling feature
  • In device music
  • Great battery life
  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone
  • A fitness tracker with an advanced positioning system

Bluetooth Connectivity

You can complete the Huawei family by purchasing the watch and pairing it with your powerful Huawei smartphone. Or even if you own any other Android phone, the watch will pair seamlessly.

The watch is compatible with an iPhone too.

The watch offers the Bluetooth call feature.

Speaker and Microphone quality

Watch GT 2 has a surprising loudspeaker that can be used for taking calls on your phone or listening to music.

The speaker is not fancy smartphone quality but considering it’s on a smartwatch, it’s pretty impressive. Taking calls on the watch is a pleasant experience as you experience no distortion whatsoever.

The microphone compliments the speaker in quality.

Battery life

The battery capacity of the watch will blow you away. This mighty watch can last for a week on a single charge if you are an average user.

The intelligent Kirin A1 chip on the watch offers a power-saving technology that adds to better management of the battery.

Standalone feature

The Huawei GT 2 watch can not be used as a standalone watch. In order to make and receive calls from the watch, you need to stay connected to your smartphone.

Only then can you avail of that Bluetooth calling feature of the watch.

What’s more?

The Huawei Watch GT 2 is a master of all types of watches. It includes all the necessary ingredients for a perfect dish.

You get a 1.2/1.4-inch AMOLED screen with an Always-On display.

Advanced fitness tracking is available. You get 15 Workout modes in the watch that is paired with advanced positioning systems (GPS and GLONASS).

TruSleepTM 2.0 tracks your sleep quality while TruSeen 3.5 continually measures your Real-time Heart rate. TruRelax uses algorithms to calculate the pressure on you.

You can enjoy music on the watch.

You can receive notifications of social media apps on the watch too.

  • AMOLED screen
  • Intelligent processor
  • 1-week battery life
  • loudspeaker for calls and music
  • Heart rate and sports tracker
  • No standalone feature

 Bottom line: The Huawei GT 2 watch is attractive wrist jewelry that is great at answering calls. The watch relies on a smartphone to work for the very feature. So, if you are not fond of a standalone feature and acquire a premium device, this watch is an ideal buy for you.

8. Garmin Vivoactive3 Music Watch: Music Lovers Watch

The device from Garmin is made for music lovers. Along with being a music device, the watch provides a great calling experience too. The speaker quality is one of the best.

Key features

  • Bluetooth headphone support
  • Texting and calling option
  • Songs storage and playback
  • Verizon subscription
  • Garmin Pay

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Music watch can pair to Android and iPhone. Unlike its sibling Vivomove Hybrid, this watch isn’t capable of pairing with a windows phone.

The watch gives you the freedom to answer calls when connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can take advantage of the watch speaker to make and receive phone calls.

You can connect the watch to a Bluetooth headphone and enjoy the music and calls with complete privacy.

Speaker and Microphone quality

The exceptional quality of the speaker not only allows a good music experience but also enhances the call quality. Thus, it’s the best watch for answering calls.

You are taking the tram to the office, and on the way, you have to receive a call amid the bumpy ride. When you can’t take out your phone, at this moment, the Vivoactive watch will be more than beneficial for you.

Battery life

An upsized battery is seen with the watch that can last two days on average usage but a whopping five days in the smartwatch mode.

Standalone feature

The manufacturers allow Subscription with Verizon and thus usage of the watch individually. This subscription unleashes a world of opportunities and possibilities. With a Verizon subscription, you can take advantage of texting and calling without a phone, and safety tracking features.

Thus, this is a complete standalone watch.

What’s more?

The waterproof watch can protect itself against scratches with the help of the Corning Gorilla Glass layer atop it.

The watch allows the playing and storage of 500 songs. Music can be played on the GO, thanks to the fast Verizon LTE connection. Outdoor workouts are now fun.

The heart-rate elevation is instantly recorded by the Heartrate monitor.

More than 15 sports modes exist that can cover almost every sport that you will be interested in. GPS on the watch works in conjunction with the fitness app too.

Garmin Pay allows mobile payment and frees of the annoyance of carrying a wallet.

  • Texting and calling option
  • Standalone watch
  • Music playback
  • Bluetooth headphone connectivity
  • Garmin Pay
  • Limited to Verizon subscription only

Bottom line: The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music watch is a heavenly device aimed at the music-loving audience that comes with great speakers. Speaker also delivers great sound for calls. If unsatisfied, you can always connect a Bluetooth headphone.

9. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle watch: The Masculine watch

Fossil gen 5 Carlyle is made to uplift the style and looks of the men. It offers a modish manly design with some crude features of use.

Key features

  • Voice calls via Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth headset connectivity
  • Google Fit for fitness and health tracking
  • Google Pay

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Gen 5 Carlyle watch can pair up with your Android or Apple smartphone. Thus, it provides you freedom of using either of the phones while staying connected to the Smartwatch (within 30 feet)

The Bluetooth connectivity of the watch allows you to connect your Bluetooth earphones to the watch and let the music enrich your soul.

Speaker and Microphone quality

The watch has advanced hardware and software incorporated. This extremely beneficial device comes with a built-in speaker and microphone.

If you are like me, who loves to put the gadgets to use, the Fossil watch won’t disappoint. Its speaker is loud enough to tackle a call in a noisy environment while the microphone does a good job transmitting your voice.

Battery life

The watch has a specialized Google Wear OS as its driving power.  So, there are battery modes, which include daily, Custom, Extended, and Time.

The watch lasts for 24 hours on average usage but can be extended by using the smart modes.

Standalone feature

The watch is a sensible device and does wonders when connected to your smartphone but can not survive alone. You need to keep the phone connected to the watch for it to work.

Alas!No standalone feature for you.

What’s more?

This masculine watch is sturdy enough to withstand up to 3ATM of water pressure.

The watch is laced with the Google Fit app that provides health coaching to let you lose the extra Kgs of weight. This paired with a top-notch Heart rate sensor provides you data on your health. The built-in GPS tracks outdoor activities.

With Google Assistant, you can command the watch and be all bossy in nature. You can receive smart notifications and also download third-party apps, thanks to 8GB of internal storage.

You can use Google Pay to pay for your morning coffee wirelessly.

  • Bluetooth calling
  • A good microphone and speaker
  • Bluetooth earphones
  • Fitness tracker and Heart rate sensor
  • Google Pay
  • Has a weak battery

Bottom line: The masculine device comes with the amenities of Google Wear OS. If you are a fan of Google’s Operating System and watch a modish watch with fantastic calling features, then wait no more and leap onto this device asap.

10. Padgene DZ09 watch: The Economical Beast

Padgene DZ09 has all our attention for a long time. The watch has the magic of attracting reviewers and buyers alike.

Key features

  • Option to text and call
  • Minimalist design
  • Standalone watch
  • Pedometer and calorie counter
  • Pairs with Android and iPhone
  • External memory card option

Bluetooth Connectivity

The minimalist design watch has the ability to pair with Android and iPhone. Suppose you have spent money on an expensive smartphone and still feel the need for a smartwatch. Then, the Padgene watch is ideal for you.

In less than 30 $, you can acquire this beauty with some brains.

Speaker and Microphone quality

Keeping in mind the petty price tag, one must think that the watch can barely perform the basics. Yet, here it is laced with a decent speaker and microphone.

Voice quality on calls and music consumption is nice. Using the device solely for voice calls isn’t a good idea. The watch is good for calling, but you can get the full potential if the calls are far and few between.

Battery life

The Padgene DZ09 watch can last for a couple of days on average usage. However, some users have reported up to a whopping seven days of battery life. What more can we expect from a nominally priced watch?

The standalone feature uses a lot of battery, and the results can drastically vary when running a sim card on the watch. 

Standalone feature

This watch is a pure steal if you consider the standalone feature. You can use a sim card to make the watch independent of a smartphone. The subscription options allow a 2G or a 2.5G sim to be installed. A safe working quality and a wider area of the network is ensured with 2G and 2.5G networks.

The option to slide in a sim allows individual texting and calls from the watch.

What’s more?

DZ09 tracks sports day well. It can record your number of steps, distance, and calories burnt.

Sleep quality is also measured, thanks to the sleep monitoring capability of the watch. Sleep quality is measured to determine stress levels.

Receiving social media notifications is easy. Be it WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter, the notification updates are just a glance away.

An SD card can be inserted, allowing you to store images and soundtracks within the Smartwatch. Thus, this is a real standalone watch in the true sense.

The watch is waterproof.

  • Standalone watch
  • Text and voice call option
  • Music and photo storage on SD card
  • Very economical watch
  • Lacks a heart-rate tracker
  • Lacks mobile payment option

Bottom line: This is a multi-functional watch that will work solely and stay light on the pocket. A must-have for those who want a complete package in a smaller price tag.

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Conclusion: The Winner and the Runner Up

Species of living organisms rely on the principle of “Survival of the fittest.”In this encounter, we had a lot of strong candidates. All devices are exemplary watches in themselves. However, we have to announce a winner. We found the Samsung galaxy s3 Frontier and the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music watch come neck-to-neck with each other.

But due to its superior calling quality, we have to give this round to the Samsung S3 frontier watch while Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music watch is the Runner up.

The call quality of the Apple Watch Series and Samsung Galaxy Watch is superb, but we found these devices to be too expensive for the caller watch.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1. What is the range of Bluetooth connectivity for Smartwatch?

Ans: The average range for staying connected is 10m or 30 feet. This means if the watch and smartphone are a diameter of 30 feet, then they shall stay connected.

Q2. Is a smartwatch speaker as good as a smartphone speaker?

Ans: The speakers on both the devices may resemble in size and looks, but a smartphone speaker is definitely superior to a smartwatch speaker. Thus, it is preferred to use the watch for calls only when it’s urgent.

Q3. Can I connect my Bluetooth headphones to the watch while staying connected to my phone?

Ans: Yes, you can simultaneously pair with your Bluetooth headphones and smartphone on the watch.