Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX [In Depth Review]

If you are looking to buy an interactive easy manageable smartwatch for your youngster, which doesn’t really put a burden on you and is really affordable too, this Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch DX can be a perfect choice.

Vtech Kidizoom DX Smartwatch Review

It is filled with features, that your kid will surely enjoy. It might not fascinate a teenager or an older kids age 10-12 years but it will surely do its job in entertaining younger kids of 4 to 9 years old.

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Vtech Kidizoom Design

This smart gadget comes in rectangular shaped bright, colored LCD touchscreen comprising of 1.44 inch and a screen resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, which gives it a very elegant and attractive interface. The case dimension of this smartwatch is 8.82 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches and the bezel is made up of plastic. The strap is really comfy and made up of rubber which makes it very comfortable to wear smartwatch for younger kids.

As the kids are fond of different colors and styles; Vtech has made sure that your kid will get the finest package of their choices. Due to which, this smartwatch comes in 6 different colors ranging from Camouflage, Red Flame, Floral Swirl Royal Blue, Vivid Violet, and Pink, which you can show them to your kids and get the best color and style of their choice.

Vtech Kidizoom Key Features


When your kids can save memories from their wrists, you wonder how far technology has come.

Yes, Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch DX comes with dual camera features; one camera on the side to which your kid can point in any directions and take a picture, and the second one is perfectly mounted on the top.

This combination of two cameras in an interesting take on the kid’s psyche. We all know this fact where most of the time when toddlers get a new toy, they make sure to reverse engineer it to that extent, where they are familiar with its features in every way possible.

Just like that, mounting a camera on top wouldn’t do much for them. As they can take pictures of them, but how they are going to capture different things and precious moments?

Vtech has solved this problem for kids and placed a camera on the side of the watch, so they can take pictures of whatever they want by just pointing out their watch in that direction.

If we talk about the camera that has been placed on top, it is not really a fancy one that would provide any HD pictures, but, it still does the deed to its quite best. This 0.3-megapixel camera is capable of taking 1600 photos approximately and that too in the resolution of 640 x 480, even its successor “Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2” can take only 1520 photos in this regard. As I said, it’s not the best you can get, but in this price range and limited featured smartwatch, it perfectly does its job.

There’s also a fun feature, where children can add fun frames and various effects to their photos, which is a really attractive feature for them per se.

Video recorder

Yes, your kid can also make videos along with taking pictures, which is more fun than the latter. But, this smartwatch comes with only 256MB of internal memory, due to which you have to either transfer the recorded videos or save them somewhere else e.g. Laptop, computer.

The video resolution of this gadget is 320 x 240 which can take approximately 11 minutes of the video and one minute per video, but you can also make your kids record the videos more by setting the resolution to the lower level, which will automatically extend the recording to 23 minutes, approximately.


I think, there’s nothing that can replace the joy which a kid of this modern era gets while playing games and many would agree. Since, the wave of this modern technology has affected everyone, one way or the other.

Nowadays, most youngsters enjoy playing video games more than playing outside, which is a different topic of discussion.

But, in order to get your kid’s attention and make it interact with this watch more, like many other smartwatches with games, Vtech Kidizoom DX comes with 5 amazing built-in games; Super Snowboard, Super Border, Jumping Egg, Music Town, and Tic-Tac-Toe.

Along with these built-in games, it also comes with 3 fun discovering activities: Sound Shaker, Monster Identity and Funny Face Detector and some sort of ‘Action challenges’ which includes Crazy Dance, Funky Jump, and Super Run.

Vtech has done this amazing job of merging smartwatch games with fun activities and action challenges which will use the motion sensor and pedometer. Kids will have to complete the tasks while running and jumping, etc. so, somehow it will benefit them being physically fit.

Even though the company has claimed that the accuracy of the pedometer is not reliable at all, so it can’t be trusted as a proper fitness tracker like Fitbit but it still can be a step forward in improving their physical activities and building interest right from the start.

Parental control

We can say it’s kind of a bit of a privacy breach, but for kids under 14 years old, this feature is really important.

Every parent in this whole world wants the best for their kids and that’s a straight-up fact, but sometimes kids don’t really understand it and that’s natural too.

Well, through this amazing gadget, you can use a parental control feature and limit your kid’s activities on the watch through your phone. It will be just like giving them heaven by also monitoring it on a daily basis.

As the modern study shows, that the excessive screen timing for kids affects their eyesight more at an early age, so keep an eye on your kid through this feature and limit the screen timing, so your children won’t hurt themselves in this way.

You can also use “school mode” and limit their activities on the smartwatch by limiting the features, so your kid won’t be able to waste time on games and other stuff, and concentrate on the studies more.

Clock faces

Children seem to have great difficulty in telling the time in an early age, so in order to make them familiar with it, this smartwatch comes with 50 amazing built-in 3D watch faces, which really your attracts and encourages your little one to check the time more often to get familiar with the concept.

If the kid still facing difficulty in understanding how it works, have no worries because Vtech has engineered it “Time Master” which will guide them into telling the time.


This small compact gadget right here comes with some amazing features that can help your kid in adopting some really healthy habits and activities.

It comes with an Alarm clock, which will help them get up for the school and make them punctual. It is also equipped with a stopwatch that can be used for different healthy activities like keeping an account of running or cycling.

Just like these two, it also has a timer, calculator and calendar which can be as interesting and helpful as they can get.

Even though that this smartwatch is “water-resistant” to some extent, but the IP rating of it is unknown due to which it is strictly advised not to use it under the water or exposed to water for a very long time.

Kidizoom Smartwatch DX also has this amazing feature, where your children can record their voices and put effects on them. I mean how cool does that sound for a kid ranging from 4 to 9 years.


This Kidizoom smartwatch DX has an internal storage of 256MB, which is not really enough storage package, but then again, for a young kid, this might be enough.

In this internal storage, 1600 photos can be taken approximately and 11 minutes of video can be recorded in the higher resolution, that’s available. However, this video recording timing can be increased to 23 minutes by using the lower resolution available for the recording, and that is 160 x 120 for the videos. It should be kept in mind that each video can be 1 minute long.

It is suggested that you should transfer your kid’s precious photos and videos somewhere else if you face the storage shortage. You can easily connect the watch with your computer and laptop through the Micro USB cable that will be used for charging as well.

Battery life

Battery life/span does depend on the user side as well along with the battery itself. In this case, the company claims that you’ll be getting 2 weeks on low usage, 2 to 3 days on normal and 1 day on heavy usage, after the single charge.

As the kids get attached to these things and use it more often by playing games and enjoying different features, which ultimately cause severe battery drainage.

Also, this gadget doesn’t come with any adopter itself and gets charged through USB cable by connecting it to the computer, laptop.

What’s Missing?

Even though at a very affordable price, this gadget does make a good package for younger kids, but still, there are features that are considered very important for a kid’s smartwatch.

Location tracking

Nowadays, parents usually buy GPS watches for kids so they can locate their location because keeping track of them manually is really a headache for them.

This “location tracking of kids” saves parents a lot of time and trouble, because they can easily locate the kid coming back from school or coaching center, etc. and this is quite an important feature in a kid’s smart gadget.

Activity tracking

Activity tracking is a partial domain of location tracking, but its sole purpose is to keep a track of your kid’s physical activities and the sports they play. This again is a very important feature because most kid’s watches include this feature as default or the “sports mode” so whatever sports they play, gets tracked automatically.

Sleep tracking

Most of the time, children who get trouble during sleep can’t really tell if they are getting a sound sleep or not. This lack of sleep can disrupt natural body rhythms and cause sleep deprivation which affects the kid’s mental and physical growth.

Sleep tracking is a feature where your toddler’s sleep schedule gets tracked conveniently and it gives you insights about the Light, Deep and REM (Rapid eye movement) status of the sleep, which really helps parents in analyzing the situation more clearly.

Smart fencing

As the name suggests, this feature is all about putting the safety of your little one up to the mark and creating a smart fence around them of your choice. So, whenever your kid tries to breach the barrier you’ve set, you’ll be notified automatically.


This feature is subjective and can be considered important or not, depending upon the user. But, having said that, it still comes handy nevertheless. This feature makes your youngster go free and enjoy using the smartwatch anytime, anywhere. Even if there’s raining and he/she wants to enjoy the rain while having the watch on or while bathing, swimming or showering.

Vtech Kidizoom Specifications

  • Color: Purple, Royal blue, Pink
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Bezel: Plastic
  • Strap material: Rubber
  • Screen size: 1.44 inch
  • Screen resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
  • Internal memory: 256MB
  • Camera: 0.3MP
  • Battery/battery life: Li-ion polymer/2-3 days
  • 50 built-in 3D clock faces
  • Different games
  • Stopwatch
  • Voice recorder
  • Alarm
  • Timer
  • Motion sensor
  • Pedometer

Pros & Cons


  • Attractive design, comfy strap
  • Interactive fun games
  • Dual camera and video recording
  • Learning tools and easy interface
  • Parental control


  • Very basic and limited features
  • No GPS

Editor’s Opinion

In my personal opinion, you should only buy this smartwatch, if your kid is 4 to 10 years old. Because, at this age, children only want that smartwatch whose interface and features are easy to use which they can really enjoy using.

Even though this smart gadget does have attractive, easy to use interface and fun games, however, it lacks some really important features too including water-resistance, GPS, and sleeps tracking.

But since this package is targeted for 4-9-year-old kids and its really affordable at the same time, I’d highly recommend this fun little package through which you can surprise your loved one on their birthdays, upcoming events and occasions.



Q: How to download different games on Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch DX?

Ans: You can download different games for your kids through “Vtech learning dodge” and other educational content that you can really help the kid in learning.

Q: is the Vtech Kidizoom DX comes with a GPS tracker?

Ans: No, the Vtech Kidizoom doesn’t come with built-in GPS due to which you cannot perform activity tracking and location of your kids. However, the successor of this smartwatch which is Kidizoom DX2 does has some sort of activity tracking.

Q: Is Kidizoom smart watch waterproof?

Ans: It can’t be termed as a water-resistant smartwatch for sure, because its IP rating is unknown. But, the company claims that it is splash-proof, which makes it water-resistant so some extent, but not completely.

Q: Can calling and texting be done from Vtech Kidizoom?

Ans: NO, texting and calling cannot be done through Vtech Kidizoom smartwatches because it’s not a standalone smartwatch and doesn’t come with that feature by default.

Q: What are the best kid’s smartwatches?

Ans: Given are some of the best ones that are available right now.

  • Pebble Time
  • VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX
  • VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper
  • Garmin Vivofit Jr 2
  • Huami Amazfit Bip
  • LG Gizmopal 2
  • Kurio Watch
  • Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch DX2