VTech Kidizoom Dx2 vs. Kidizoom Dx Review and Comparison

Kids are the ultimate gifts from God that bring lots of colors and activity to our life. We go to every extreme just to put a smile on their innocent faces.

Today’s kids are rejoiced by smart gadgets such as a smartphone or a smartwatch. As parents, we seek more than just fun from the device. We require something that will help the kids learn, get entertained, and at the same time, make the kids safe too.


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VTech Kidizoom Dx2 vs. Dx

Vtech has produced some excellent kid’s smartwatches that are both fun and learning. The Kidizoom Dx was loved by the kids and was named as the best gift for kids. However, the company has recently launched a newer upgraded version of the watch known as the Kidizoom Dx2.

Both the watches are cool devices with great amenities for the kids. If you are perplexed as to which watch to go for, we are here to help. Today we shall take a dig at the features of both the watches as we compare them side by side.


1. Dimensions

First things first. An initial assessment of the size is made by everyone. Though these watches are ideal for kids ranging from 4-9 years, any changes in size can be readily accepted or rejected by the toddlers.

Both the devices come in the same sizes, but the Dx2 is slightly thinner at 1.73 inches as compared to the 1.8 inches of the Dx watch. The difference is seen only in terms of numbers, and in usage, this difference is little or negligible.

As a result, the Dx2 is also lighter in weight. Anyways, both the devices are comfortable to wear and adapt for the kids, so both the watches receive a thumbs up in this department.


2. Design and Display

The design and size of the screen are the same for both the watches. The screen size and the large icon design on the Kidizoom Dx was loved by the kids. Thus, the company kept the same design in the new version.

Both watches offer different band colors. Here things get interesting as the Kidizoom Dx offers Pink, Purple, Royal Blue, and Dx2 offers Pink, Purple, and Blue shades of the band. These are almost the same colors for both watches.

What’s different is the Camouflage color that is available with the Dx watch while Dx2 offers a Black color instead of the camouflage color. If your kid loves to have a green wrist device, then Dx is going to be a better choice as the camouflage color is somewhat green. But if the toddler wants to have a black watch for himself, you should go for the Dx2 watch.

The Kidizoom Dx and Dx2 both offer a large number of Watch faces to keep your kid indulged in the watch and teach the child about time. The devices provide 50+ pre-installed digital and analog watch faces.

Both watches came with some durability. The smart devices are resistant to sweat and splashes of water. Neither of them provides waterproofing.


3. Activity Tracking

The Dx2 watch has the unique feature of a pedometer that can calculate the steps and movement of the kid.


4. Camera

A camera is the main component of the success of any device. Kidizoom Dx is an excellent example of a kid’s smartwatch with a camera.

The Dx watch offers an intuitive camera that lets your kid take cool photos and add effects to them afterward. The child can even record short video clips from the camera (60 seconds maximum). The camera is positioned on the side of the watch.

In addition to photo effects, the kids can enjoy a voice recorder. This, too, has the intriguing feature of voice-changer. Give this watch to your progeny and enjoy their cackle on the voice changer.

The camera department is where the Dx2 takes a substantial lead over its predecessor. The Dx2 comes with 2 cameras. Yes, you heard that right. The upgraded watch, i.e., Kidizoom Dx2, boasts a front camera on the screen along with the one embedded on the side.  The side camera is the same as the Dx watch.

The additional camera on the smartwatch enhances your kid to take selfies and videos with one touch. The child can add photo effects like stamps, frames, and filters. He/she can even make custom watch faces out of the pictures.

The front camera records 320 x 240 or 160 x 120- pixel videos.


5. Learning apps and Games

The Dx watch comes with 5 built-in games for kids and the option to download more from Learning Lodge.

The watch deploys a motion sensor to give 3 action challenges to the kids. This keeps them involved and increases their gross motor skills.

Activity challenges such as Racing Run and games like Crazy dance and Frunky Jump come pre-installed in the device.

Basic learning of the kids is achieved by the use of simple pre-installed apps such as the alarm, timer, and a smartwatch. The use of a calculator and checking the date from the calendar can be easily taught, thanks to the respective apps in the watch.

In addition to the mentioned features of the Dx watch, the Dx2 watch comes with a new Monster Catcher game. This game creates an augmented reality gaming experience for the kid where he can capture monsters in the real world. This boosts the motor skills of the child.

The watches can be connected to a computer, and the photos/videos data can be uploaded to it. You can find more gaming smartwatches here.


6. Battery

Both watches come with a similar battery and a USB cable for charging. The battery life of 2-3 days is seen on typical usage. However, the company claims that the battery can last 2 weeks on a single charge.


7. Pricing

There is an increasing demand for the Kidizoom Dx watch for which you will have to spend slightly above 50$ while the Kidizoom Dx2 can be purchased for a lesser value than that of Dx.


Which is the best smartwatch? Vtech Kidizoom Dx2 or Dx

Both are subtle devices ideal as gifts for your child. Despite the lack of GPS and safety features for the kid, the watches are robust devices that are meant for the learning and entertainment of your lads.

Both watches are on elevated positions in Kid’s smartwatch section. However, when placed against each other, we would prefer the Kidizoom Dx2 watch. The reason for our choice is a dual-camera feature that comes with intuitive augmented reality games and that too in a more affordable price tag.